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MISSION : MARS - Unmanned Vehicle Rescue

2016 Robotics Competition

SAVE THE DATE: February 27-28, 2016!


Registration deadline for the 2016 Robotics Competition is January 25, 2016.

Download Registration Form here.



TAMIU GEAR UP IV is proud to announce their first robotics Challenge Mission to Mars: Unmanned Vehicle Human Rescue.

All TAMIU GEAR UP IV schools are welcome to participate.  Teams must include 10 GEAR UP IV students and one mentor (Teacher or Parent) to participate. Students must be part of the TAMIU GEAR UP IV cohort at the time of the competition and summer camps to claim prize. Only 30 teams will be accepted on the basis of first come, first served.

The challenge is a three part tier competition.  The team with the highest cumulative score wins.   


Stage 1 – Rescue Mission (50 Points):

While on Mars, your robot must follow a marked path where it will pass through obstacles such as encountering rocks, mountains, and anything in between. The robot must do this path using sensors and readers to maneuver around autonomously.  The goal is to have the robot reach and rescue a human that is found amongst aliens.  Your robot must be able to detect which one is the human, retrieve him/her and bring him/her back to safety and finally bring back to U.S. Station.

Stage 2 – Judging - STEM Outreach (25 Points):

Visual Effects are a must in order to get to the final round. The team is required to submit a 10 minute video/ presentation promoting your robot and the rescue mission. Team spirit will help you the most. Show us your costume or uniform and how your creativity flows. We want innovation, we want to see creativity, we want Martians, and we want to see what software you use!

Stage 3 – Creativity and Design (25 Points):

Like in Stage two, the goal here is to promote even more innovation and creativity.  The team is required to create a home base in Mars. We want to see your living headquarters as an ecosystem.  We want you to design/drawing a complete living headquarters that will be able to hold human life up to six months.  The team will create this ecosystem with the use of the readily/free software Scratch. In case you don’t’ have Scratch, look online or download the app on your iPhone or iPad! Simple as that.



Students MUST be part of TAMIU GEAR UP IV in order to participate. Transportation, Meals, lodging will be provided by us when required.

It’s time to show us what you have and let your creativity lead the way. Judges are waiting and excited to see the Martians!



Students (3 Teams)


Opportunity to attend 1-week or 2-week summer camp at a distinguished university

June - August 2016

Teachers (3)


Opportunity to attend a conference




For more information and details about the 2016 Essay Competition,

please contact Ms. Ana Gonzalez, Research Director of GEAR UP IV, at ana.gonzalez@tamiu.edu or (956) 326-3165.




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