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Princeton 2011 Best Business School
Graduate Admission Requirements for Mexican Nationals

Required Documentation
To be considered for admission into business graduate studies at Texas A&M International University, an applicant must submit the following information to the Office of Graduate Studies and Research:

  • Application for Graduate Admission
    Complete the Application for Graduate Admissions online at (Application for Graduate Admissions section)

  • Graduate Application Fee
    Pay your Graduate Application fee either by cash, check, money order, credit card, or online payment. Payments are accepted at TAMIU’s Business Office, located in room 137 of the University Success Center (USC). Applicants making payment by mail, please send and make check or money order payable to Texas A&M International Univeristy (no cash or credit card information) with the Graduate Application Fee Payment form to:

    Office of Graduate Studies and Research
    Texas A&M International University
    Student Center 124
    5201 University Boulevard
    Laredo, TX 78041-1900

    For those wishing to pay online log in here.

    All applications must be received by the appropriate deadline. (Graduate Application Fee section)

  • Official transcript(s) (Kardex) from each college/university attended
    To be considered official, the transcript(s) must be certified by a University official, have the school seal, and be delivered in a sealed University envelope directly from the issuing institution(s) to TAMIU’s Office of Graduate Studies and Research. Degree must be posted on the transcript. Transcripts are not returned.

  • Original Diploma (Título)
    Original diploma (Título) is to be photocopied at the Office of Graduate Studies and Research. If the diploma (Título) is being processed by the government, a copy of the professional exam certificate (acta de Examen Profesional) will suffice for one semester. Diploma (Título) must be presented to the Office of Graduate Studies and Research before pre-registering for a second semester. Please note that Letter of Completion (Carta de Pasante) is not acceptable

  • GMAT or GRE test scores
    Test scores must be received directly from the Educational Testing Services (ETS) and must be dated within five years of applicant’s intended semester of enrollment. TAMIU’s institution code is 6838. Applicants pursuing the MBA taught in Spanish may choose to take the Exámen de Admisión which is administered at partner universities in Mexico. No admission decision will be made prior to receipt of a GMAT, GRE, or Examen de Admisión score.

    Acceptable Standarized Tests:
      MBA (with specific concentration) :: Requires GMAT, GRE or Examen de Admisión
    MBA - International Trade :: Requires GMAT or GRE
    MBA - International Banking :: Requires GMAT or GRE
    MS-IS :: Requires GMAT or GRE
    MPAcc :: Requires GMAT or GRE

  • TOEFL test scores*
    Test scores must be received directly from ETS if applicant is pursuing any degree other than the MBA taught in Spanish. TOEFL test must be dated within two years of applicant’s intended semester of enrollment. TAMIU’s institutuion code is 6838.
    TOEFL exemptions include any of the following:
    • One year of full-time academic studies at an accredited U.S. college or university with satisfactory grades
    • When English is the official language of the applicant’s country
    • GRE Verbal score of 400 or higher taken within five years of enrollment
    • GMAT Verbal score of 22 or higher taken within five years of enrollment
    • Completion of Level Six with a grade of B or better from the International Language Institute at TAMIU

  • One-page typed statement of purpose
    Student narrative (minimum 300 words) indicating your accomplishments, experiences and future career aspirations that have influenced you to pursue a business graduate degree at TAMIU, as well as, the role your immediate family has played in your decision to pursue business graduate studies.
    (This portion can be typed online when you complete your application for graduate admissions.)

  • Two letters of recommendation
    Recommendations must be from individuals who are qualified to assess the applicant’s readiness for graduate studies. The writer must indicate he/she is aware the applicant is applying for business graduate studies and must elaborate on why he/she feels the applicant would make an ideal candidate for business graduate studies. The body of each letter must be at least 200 words. We prefer that at least one of the letters be from a former professor; the other letter may be from a current or most recent supervisor. However, if an applicant has been out of school for some time and is unable to obtain a letter from a former professor, then both recommendation letters from recent supervisors will be appropriate.

  • Current resume
    Resume must outline applicant’s education, work experience, extra-curricular activities, community involvement, honors and achivements, etc.

* Application fees and TOEFL scores and exemptions can be found at the Office of Graduate Studies and Research
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Required Financial Documentation for Applicants Needing an I-20
  • Financial Statement
    A completed Financial Statement

  • Letter of Sponsorship
    A Letter of Sponsorship is required from the party who will financially support the applicant during pursuit of degree. The letter should certify the sponsor's commitment to pay the educational, living, health, and personal expenses of the applicant until completion of the degree. A sponsor may be the student, student's parents or a third party organization. The sponsor's letter must be dated within six months of the first enrollment according to dates listed on the Financial Statement
    (Sponsor Letter Example)

  • Bank Statement
    Accompanying the letter of sponsorship must be a bank statement certifying that the sponsor has sufficient funds as indicated in the Financial Statement form (stated in U.S. dollars) and dated within six months of the first enrollment.
    Minimum Bank statement amount information may be obtained from the Financial Statement form.

  • Medical Insurance Coverage
    The University requires each international student (Non-U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident) to have mandatory health insurance coverage while in the U.S. You should enroll in the University Plan, Associated Insurance Plans International, Inc. This coverage is the same for all Texas A&M University System schools. You must enroll immediately upon arriving on campus or by phone at 1-800-452-5772.


    You must provide evidence of comparable policy coverage before the first class day . The coverage must meet all of these requirements 1) Basic Benefit coverage for Injury or a Sickness, or Basic Benefits and Major Medical coverage for Injury or a sickness; 2) Repatriation of remains 3)Medical evacuation; and 4) Maximum deductible of $250 "In-Network Treatment" for each individual or $500 per person for "Out-Of-Network Treatment", per policy year. All requests for substitutions for the university coverage must include an English translation of the policy from the insurance company. Please check the Web Site for complete details on coverage requirements.

  • Immigration Documents
    Immigration documents such as passport, I-94 and I-20 ID must be carried at all times. This is in compliance with the Immigration and Nationality Act, December 24, 1952, Section 264(e). Contact the Department of International Student Services for additional information at 326-2282 or at the office located in PH301.

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Required Documentation for Students transferring from
an institution already in the United States

  • Foreign Student Advisor's Report
    Completed by student and current Foreign Student Advisor. ( Report Form )

  • Copy of current I-20
  • Copy of student's F1 visa
  • Copy of I-94
  • Written notification requesting dependents to be included on I-20
  • Transcript of current institution reflecting the end of semester marks
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Submitting Documentation
All Application material must be sent to the following address:
Office of Graduate Studies and Research
Texas A&M International University
Student Center (SC) 124
5201 University Boulevard
Laredo, TX. 78041-1900

If delivering application material in person, the Office of Graduate Studies and Research is located in Room 124 of the Student Center (SC) building.
Hours of operation are as follows:
Fall and Spring:
Monday & Tuesday 8:00am-5:00pm
Wednesday & Thursday 8:00am-7:00pm
Friday 8:00am-3:00pm

Monday-Thursday 8:00am-6:00pm
Friday 8:00am-12:00pm
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Notification of Admission Eligibility

Submission of the application alone does not meet the deadline requirement. Application files will not be evaluated for admission until all of the required documentation has been submitted.

Application material must be received and processed by the Office of Graduate Studies and Research before files can be forwarded to the A.R. Sanchez, Jr. School of Business’s Graduate Admissions Committee for review.

Applicants are notified of admission decision via letter from the Office of Graduate Studies and Research.
Upon completion of the application process, successful applicants will be issued an I-20 by the Office of Graduate Studies and Research

Admission to a degree program is valid for the applicant’s intended semester of enrollment. If the applicant is not able to enroll for the given semester, the applicant may request a deferment for the subsequent semester.

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U.S. Student Visa Requirements

Upon receiving an I-20 form, Mexican applicants must make an appointment with a
U.S. Consulate to request a Student Visa (F-1) for entry into the United States.
Appointment information and visa documentation requirements are available at the
U.S. Department of State's travel Web Site

Mexican applicants must be very careful selecting the right type of F-1 Visa as there are more than 1 type available (Border crossing student, Full F-1, etc).

Applicants are encouraged to contact the Department of International Student Services for additional information at 956-326-2282 or at the office located in Pellegrino Hall suite 301.

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Students who are officially admitted to the University may register for courses. A registration period is held for each academic semester and for each summer session. Registration dates are posted on the University’s Academic Calendar or on the SSB Home Page

Class schedules may be viewed for terms in active registration periods through the following link: TAMIU Class Schedules. This link will also provide pertinent information on the semester academic calendar, deadlines for payment, methods of payment, etc.

International (Mexican) Students must first meet with the Foreign Student Advisor for registration clearance. You must present your stamped I-20, copy of your visa, and any other INS documentation you may have. It is at this point that you will be required to submit proof of health insurance. Once cleared, you may proceed to the Graduate Advisor.

First-time students must visit the Graduate Advisor to review specific requirements on the student’s particular degree plan (such as foundation courses) and clarification on any admission conditions that were imposed on the student. Graduate Advisor can check on any registration holds and direct the student to appropriate office for waiver/clearance of those holds. Once holds have been waived or cleared, the Graduate Advisor will assist the student with the selection of classes for the semester.

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