Appendix A: Drug 1.2
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Appendix A: Drug and Alcohol Rule


Last Updated: New August 17, 2006

Supplements: System Policy 34.02 and System Regulation 34.02.01 Drug and

 Alcohol Abuse and Rehabilitation Programs


Texas A&M International University is committed to providing its employees a drug and alcohol free workplace. In compliance with System Policy 34.02, Drug and Alcohol Abuse and Rehabilitation Programs and System Regulation 34.02.01, Drug and Alcohol Abuse and Rehabilitation Programs, this Rule addresses alcohol use and abuse; the illegal use and sale, or possession of drugs; and the misuse of drugs including over-the-counter and prescription drugs.


2.1 In accordance with federal and state laws and Texas A&M University System Regulations, the University prohibits the unlawful manufacture, distribution, possession or use of illicit drugs or alcohol on property under the control of Texas A&M International University and/or while on official duty and/or as part of any associated activities.

2.2 The purchase, consumption and possession of alcoholic beverages in facilities under the control of Texas A&M International University shall comply with state law and System Policy 34.02 and 34.03.

2.3 Failure to comply with this Rule may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination. An employee who violates any of the drug laws will be reported to the appropriate law enforcement agency and will be subject to prosecution in accordance with the law. Legal sanctions for violation of local, state and federal laws may include, but not be limited to: fines, probation, jail or prison sentences.


3.1 It is the responsibility of employees to report suspected violations of this Rule to their immediate supervisor or to the Office of Human Resources.

3.2 Employees shall report to their supervisors, or to the Office of Human Resources, any use of a prescribed or over-the-counter medication that could adversely affect job performance. Any such medical information will be kept confidential and shared with appropriate personnel only on a need-to-know basis. Those employees adversely affected by the medication during the normal course of duty may be placed on leave in accordance with leave regulations.


Texas A&M International University employees are subject to testing for drugs and/or alcohol in accordance with Federal and State law and System Regulation 34.02.01 whenever the CEO deems the action necessary upon reasonable suspicion that an employee may have used drugs or alcohol in violation of this Rule or when routine testing is mandated by other governing entity. The Office of General Counsel shall be contacted before testing per System Regulation 34.03.01, sections 1 and 7.4.


Texas A&M International University is committed to providing comprehensive alcohol and other drug education, as well as early intervention and referral services. Assessment, intervention, and referral services are available through the Office of Human Resources. The Office of Human Resources provides confidential assistance to employees in identifying and resolving personal concerns related to drug and alcohol problems. Health insurance coverage may be available for the treatment of alcohol and/or drug use problems. Employees should contact the Office of Human Resources or their individual health plan representative for more information regarding insurance coverage. It shall be the responsibility of the employee to seek assistance before an alcohol or drug problem leads to disciplinary action.


Required information and material as outlined in System Policy 34.02, Section 2.4 will be distributed to employees initially on or before the employee’s first day of work and annually thereafter in accordance with System Regulation 34.02.01.

Office of Responsibility:

Office of Human Resources