Appendix C: Smoke Free 1.2
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Appendix C: Smoke Free Campus Rule


Last Updated: August 17, 2006

August 21, 1997

November 16, 2009

Supplements: System Policy 34.05 Smoking



It is the position of Texas A&M International University to have a smoke-free campus. The University shall maintain a smoke-free campus by adhering to the following:

1.1 Buildings and Vehicles: All University buildings, entrances to buildings, and vehicles, owned or leased under the administrative purview of the President of Texas A&M International University shall be entirely smoke-free. The smoke-free policy shall apply to all indoor air space including foyers, entryways and classrooms, and individual faculty and administrative offices. Designated smoking areas have been established on campus and are located along the outer perimeter of the campus. Smoking is limited to these designated areas.

1.2 Athletic Facilities: All indoor air space of University owned athletic facilities shall be smoke-free. Outdoor public seating areas in athletic arenas shall also be smoke-free.

1.3 Housing Areas: University owned and leased housing shall be smoke-free. All outside areas within 30 feet of any University owned or leased apartment complex shall also remain smoke-free.



2.1 The Safety/Risk Management Office shall ensure that the appropriate notices are posted inside and outside each University building, athletic facility, housing facility, and University vehicle.

2.2 The Safety/Risk Management Office shall ensure that receptacles for the disposal of cigarette and cigar stubs are provided in designated smoking areas.



This policy relies on the thoughtfulness, consideration, and cooperation of University employees, students, and visitors. It is the responsibility of the entire campus community to observe the provisions of these guidelines. Compliance of this rule will be monitored by the University Police Department and non-compliance will be subject to the issuance of citations.



Office of Safety/Risk Management