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Appendix E: Student Travel Rule


Last Updated: New August 17, 2006

Supplements: System Policy 13.04 Student Travel


The purpose of this Rule is to promote the safety of Texas A&M International University students by regulating travel undertaken by one or more enrolled students to reach a University sponsored and organized activity or event located more than 25 miles from the University and is either: (1) funded by the University and undertaken using a vehicle owned or leased by the University or, (2) required by a registered student organization.

1.1 For the purposes of this Rule, “travel” means organized University student travel, and “registered” means a student organization that is officially recognized by the University.

1.2 Organized student travel may require use of various modes of transportation. Each form of transportation requires students to follow common and mode-specific safety precautions. Students must use sound judgment and follow all state, federal and/or international laws when traveling. Students shall be required to follow all provisions of this Rule.


2.1 It shall be the responsibility of the entity (e.g. the officially recognized student organization, academic program, University department, etc.) that sponsors the organized student travel to ensure compliance with this Rule.

2.2 University employees who authorize students to drive University vehicles or vehicles leased by the University for organized student travel are responsible for ensuring that the students have valid Texas or other state driver’s licenses.

2.3 Student organizations, University programs, and University departments sponsoring organized student travel outside the United States are responsible for ensuring that no State Department Travel Advisories exist which restrict travel by U.S. citizens to the destination. Information and guidelines on international travel safety can be obtained through the TAMIU Office of Student Affairs.


3.1 All drivers operating University-owned, leased, or personal vehicle as part of organized student travel shall:

(a) be at least 18 years of age;

(b) possess personal automobile insurance coverage as mandated by the State of Texas;

(c) possess a valid Texas or other state driver’s license;

(d) complete all appropriate student travel forms required by the Office of Student Activities prior to the trip;

(e) report any restrictions added to or endorsements removed from the operator’s driver’s license after gaining approval for organized student travel, but before the trip to the appropriate University department, program, or student organization sponsor;

(f) ensure, prior to departure, that passenger and load capacity do not exceed maximum capacity;

(g) wear a seatbelt at all times while operating the vehicle and require that all passengers wear seatbelts;

(h) begin the trip well rested and, when traveling on extended trips, have other drivers available and rotate such drivers as needed to avoid driver fatigue.

(i) have a current state inspection and registration on any private vehicle (any vehicle not owned or leased by the University) used by the student(s).

3.2 Fifteen-Passenger Vans

3.2.1 Requests to use a 15-passenger van require prior approval from the President.


Students traveling by commercial transportation, whether domestic or international, shall comply with all laws regulating travel and the rules of the specific carrier.


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