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Study Abroad Checklist


Choose a Study Abroad Program
Visit the Office of Student Affairs and attend one of the information sessions.  Research study abroad program information in the study abroad library or on-line.  Once you have made some tentative program selections, schedule a meeting with the study abroad advisor prior to filling out your study abroad application.

Fill out your TAMIU Study Abroad Application
Complete your study abroad application, obtain all supporting documents and signatures.  A signed Academic Advisement form must come with your study abroad application and needs to have been signed and approved by an academic advisor.  Application deadlines will vary, but preferred deadlines are as follows:

Semester Abroad
Application Deadlines
TAMIU Spring Semester October 1st
ISEP Spring Semester Varies depending on program
TAMIU Fall Semester April 1st
ISEP Fall Semester Varies depending on program
TAMIU Summer Session February 15th - may vary


Submit a Program Study Abroad Application
Concurrently with or after approval of your TAMIU application, complete your application to the actual program you selected (i.e. exchange school, ISEP or Affiliate Program).  Submit your application to the exchange school partner or for ISEP directly to our office. We will mail off the application for you and keep a copy in your file.  For Affiliate Programs you can complete the application on-line.

Apply for Scholarships
Eligible students can apply for TAMIU's International Education Fee Scholarship (IEFS) and the Guadalupe and Lilia Martinez International Fellows Scholarship (GLM-IFS).  There are also nationally competitive scholarships such as the Benjamin A. Gilman Grant and the National Security Education Program.  You may submit your scholarship applications according to the open dates for the respective scholarships.

Travel Documents
Be certain that you have a valid passport for study abroad.  If you do not have a passport, you can inquire with OSA about the process and obtain an application.  Alternatively you may do this at the post office or other locations in Laredo where passport processing services are offered.  If you are planning to study abroad for a semester or longer, it is usually the case that you must obtain a student visa.  This typically also means that you will be expected to show in person at the Consulate or Embassy of the country you are going to study abroad in - for most of our students that means a trip to Houston.  You cannot apply for your student visa until you have your passport and you have received you acceptance letter from the foreign university that you will be attending.  For details about the student visa process, you go on-line with the Embassy or Consulate of your host country and search for visa services.  There you will find the visa application and procedures. Visit the Department of State for more information.

Complete a Study Abroad Budget
Once you have applied to your program, a budget will be created by OSA for your study abroad program.  This budget is used to adjust your financial aid package.  The budget will be sent to the Office of Financial Aid for processing.  Be sure to always check with Financial Aid regarding any criteria you must fulfill in order to qualify for financial aid when studying abroad.

Travel Arrangements
Start looking for airfare and remember to take care of your housing needs.  The earlier you do this, the better your chances are for competitive pricing and being placed on housing waiting lists.

Submit the Study Abroad Emergency and Liability Packet
All students participating in a TAMIU study abroad program are required to complete and submit the Study Abroad Emergency and Liability Packet before they can be registered for their study abroad program.  This packet is due before or on the pre-departure orientation.

Attend Pre-Departure Orientation
Student are required to attend a pre-departure orientation during the last full semester prior to their study abroad program.  Students will be notified by OSA about the date and time for pre-departure orientation. Students must sign up by phone at 326.2280 or email.