Short Term Programs
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Short-Term Programs

Following are links to faculty-led and other short-term programs.  For detailed information contact the Office of Student Affairs at 956.326.2282. 

Faculty- Led Programs

Program Discipline Contact Program Dates
England Psychology/Criminal Justice Dr. James Norris Maymester
Peru University Seminar Dr. Hayley Kazen Maymester
Ireland Irish Literature Dr. Paul Niemeyer Summer
Italy The Classics Dr. Jonathan Murphy Summer
France French Language & Culture Dr. Jean P. Tadoum Summer
Germany/Belgium Psychology & Communication Dr. Jose C. Lozano Summer
Greece Fitness & Sports Ms. Linda Villarreal Summer
Spain Spanish/English Literature Dr. A. Martinez-Samos & Dr. M. Broncano Summer
Spain Education Dr. Diana Linn Summer
Asia Communication Disorders Dr. Sumalai Maroonroge Summer
China Business Dr. Haibo Wang Winter
Belize Communication Disorders Ms. Melissa Garcia Winter
Chile/Argentina Spanish/ Political Science Dr. Lola Norris/ Dr. James Norris Winter


Other Short-Term Programs

Program Discipline Contact Program Dates
ISEP Various OSA Varies
Arnhem Business School Business OSA Summer
INSEEC Alps Savoie Business OSA Summer
TAMU Costa Rica Various OSA Summer