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The Office of Student Affairs strives to promote and encourage students to foster skills essential to their ethical, intellectual, social, and personal development. Student Affairs prepares students to become engaged and constructive members of a diverse, dynamic, and global society. Using the principles of discover, learn, serve, lead, succeed, the Office of Student Affairs is able to offer students a deliberate means of campus involvement centered on the Honor Pledge, internationalization, multiculturalism, student life, self-awareness and community engagement.

Value Statement

Student Affairs is a proactive, innovative, learning organization that plays a critical role in the holistic development of students by offering quality and innovative programs and services that enable TAMIU students to perform optimally in challenging environments. Student Affairs is guided by the institutional core values, the internally established principles, and the highest standards of professionalism. Student Affairs constantly evaluates its purpose, results and allocation of resources to ensure the achievement of learning and development outcomes for students and to the contribution to the mission, goals and excellence of TAMIU.

  • Coordinate an orientation program for all entering undergraduates and international students, as a means of connecting students to essential offices, provide a glimpse of Dustdevil life, facilitate laws and rules compliance and create a seamless transition to the University.
  • Strengthen the development of interpersonal, leadership, communication, and personal skills that enhance and complement the academic performance of students and the achievement of their career aspirations.
  • Increase student participation in campus activities, student organizations, study abroad and engagement programs.
  • Expand programs that promote co-curricular growth and engagement in our students through international promotion, community engagement and involvement.
  • Provide professional services to students in the areas of social and cultural programming and assisting in complying with government regulations.
  • Maintain a comprehensive, fair and impartial student conduct process for both academic and disciplinary violations of the Student Handbook and Honor Pledge.
  • Offer students experiences that allow for an increased awareness of self, groups, social and cultural diversity that enhance the importance of effective goal setting for success in a global community.
Core Principles

Discover: A core principle or value adopted by OSA that represents a Dustdevil's chance to imagine, dream, and live an educational experience outside the TAMIU campus.

Learn: A core principle or value adopted by OSA that signifies the importance of student involvement and its impact on a successful academic career.

Serve: A core principle or value adopted by OSA which represents a Dustdevil's willingness to reach out to the community and lend a helping hand.

Lead: A core principle or value adopted by OSA which represents the student programs aimed at enhancing the education received at TAMIU.

Succeed: A core principle or value adopted by OSA which represents a Dustdevil's perseverance throughout his or her academic and professional careers.

Leader's Chronicle Newsletter

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