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XV. Academic Support and Student Services

CASA Tutoring
The Center for Advancement of Scholastic Achievement (CASA) provides an academically focused, student-centered, supportive environment for students at Texas A&M International University by providing quality comprehensive academic support services to Texas A&M International University students with the goal of supporting the University's mission for student success. Services include one to one tutoring, group tutoring, and supplemental instruction for many academic subject areas, particularly mathematics, the sciences and the social sciences.

Writing Center
The primary mission of the Writing Center at Texas A&M International University is to support the instructional goals of the faculty by providing free individual and small-group tutoring sessions, peer review sessions, and writing workshops to students at the University and in the community. Writing tutors are specially trained students and paraprofessionals who have demonstrated excellence in working with others on the continued development of their written communication skills. In order to develop more confident and competent writers, tutors provide guidance in developing, revising, and editing students' papers. Tutors listen and respond to students' works in progress, ask questions, and point out particular areas to focus on for improvement. Since the goal of tutoring is to develop increasingly independent writers, tutors will not correct errors nor rewrite students' work; instead, during the course of a tutoring session, they will focus on one or two types of improvement strategies students may employ to produce more effective written work. Students are accepted by appointment only and arrangements must be made twenty-four (24) hours in advance.

Disability Services for Students
Disability Services for Students promotes a supportive learning community to empower students with disabilities to accomplish their academic goals by ensuring accessibility to university programs. We aim to foster greater awareness both of, and for, persons with disabilities in our multilingual, multicultural international environment.

Recreational Sports
The Department of Recreational Sports provides programs, facilities, and services that promote active participation allowing the opportunity to achieve individual potential while having fun, relieving stress, and promoting community and spirit. The Department offers informal recreation at the Kinesiology & Wellness Recreational Center, organized competitions and learning environments (Intramurals and Sport Clubs), structured group/personnel fitness opportunities (Fitness), & healthy lifestyle habits seminars (wellness). Through participation, students, faculty, staff, alumni, & university affiliates are provided an opportunity to relieve stress, be fit and have fun!

Office of the University Registrar
The Office of the University Registrar is dedicated to providing professional, efficient and courteous administrative services to all students, faculty and staff by administering fair and consistent practice of institutional policies and procedures while maintaining the integrity of our student records.

Student Affairs
The Office of Student Affairs promotes and encourages experiences and opportunities that will allow students the ability to mature and create a positive atmosphere as they excel in their future within themselves, the University and the community at large. Students will develop a community of citizens through the promotion of personal and social responsibility, student success and academic completion.

Student Counseling Services
Student Counseling Services contributes to the overall mission of the Texas A&M International University's Division of Student Success within the context of Campus Wellness. Our purpose is to facilitate student success by providing students in our unique multilingual, multicultural, and international context with the appropriate counseling, testing, advocacy, psychoeducation, training, and referral services.

Student Health Services
The mission of the department of Student Health Services is to enhance the educational experience of TAMIU students by reducing student risks for injury and illness, providing episodic care, referrals, and health education.

Study Abroad
Study abroad is a discovery process, a discovery of foreign language and academics, countries and cultures, but most importantly it is a discovery of yourself! It is our hope that you will participate in a program that will educate and enrich your life for many years to come. TAMIU has a comprehensive offering of study abroad programs, financial aid, and student services. Throughout your study abroad experience, from the early planning stages until your return back to the TAMIU campus, we are here to assist you