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Arts and Sciences in Europe

Faculty Leader: Ms. Nastaran Barari and Dr. Simon Zschirnt

Program Dates:Summer 2015

Program Information

The College of Arts and Sciences will offer a study abroad program in the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Italy, Czech Republic and Germany.  Course work will be taught by Dr. Zschirnt and Ms. Barari.  This multidisciplinary program will focus on law, society, immigration and constitutionalism. As such, students will develop a global perspective of their respective studies in Political Science, Sociology, and Criminal Justice.

While in Europe, students will form a greater understanding of complex historical relationships and societal influence on their discipline of study through a combination of lectures and site visits.  Field excursions may include the Ann Frank House, the Peace Palace, the Berlin Wall, Palace of Versailles and many other sites.  Included in the program estimated cost are all scheduled program activities, roundtrip airfare from Laredo to Europe, housing, transportation, admissions fees, insurance and welcome/farewll dinner.




Students will reside in hotels and youth hostels.

Program Cost

The estimated program cost excludes TAMIU tuition and fees, $200 non-refundable application fee, meals and personal expenses. 

Timetable for Applications and Payment

February 15

Application and $200 non-refundable application fee due 

April 17

Mandatory Orientation: Travel, travel documents, safety, health, and generic tips

TBA Submit payment for program

Application Process

  • Turn in your TAMIU study abroad application and process the on-line application fee by the recommended deadline
  • Apply for any of the TAMIU study abroad scholarships for which you qualify
  • The financial aid budget form is for your own information, an update of your educational expenses will be provided by OSA and sent to the Office of Financial Aid
  • Complete and turn in your Waiver and Liability Packet by May 1, 2015

Course Information

Course Offerrings in field of political science, sociology, and criminal justice.

Program Requirement

Students must have been approved by Dr. Zschirnt or Ms. Barari for acceptance into the program.

Study Abroad Scholarships

TAMIU offers two scholarships for study abroad.  Qualified TAMIU students may complete their application and supporting documents and submit them to OSA together with their study abroad application.  You will be notified via email of your award and the award disbursement date.


Withdrawal from a study abroad program must be made in writing to OSA.  The application fee of $200 is non-refundable, unless TAMIU cancels the program.  TAMIU will refund recoverable tuition and costs as determined by OSA.  Refunds will be calculated from the date OSA is notified in writing of your intent to withdraw.  TAMIU is not responsible for indirect costs paid directly by students, including but not limited to passport fees, vaccinations, and transportation costs.

*TAMIU reserves the right to make changes to this itinerary as deemed appropriate by the program director due to unforeseen circumstances.  However, every effort will be made to adhere to the itinerary as closely as possible

**TAMIU reserves the right to adjust program fees or cancel any program without prior notification; however, every effort will be made to provide information on cancellations in a timely manner.  In the event of cancellation, TAMIU will refund application fees and recoverable program fees.