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Students: Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Office of Student Conduct and Community Enagegment (SCCE) located?
The Office of Student Conduct and Community Engagement (SCCE) is located in the Student Center Building Room 226.

Can I request information regarding my disciplinary matter over the telephone?
For security reasons, we do not provide such information over the phone because information regarding disciplinary matters is highly confidential, and we must be sure that we are providing the information to the correct person. Should you need to review your record or schedule a meeting, you may call 956-326-2280.

What happens if I refuse or fail to meet with the Office of Student Conduct and Community Engagement (SCCE) after being notified of a scheduled appointment with that office?
Provided adequate notice was given consistent with University rules, the Vice President of Student Affairs or his/her designee may block the enrollment or otherwise alter the status of a student who fails without good cause to attend a scheduled meeting with SCCE. Note that a decision regarding disciplinary concern will still be rendered with the information provided.

Can my parents attend the meeting with me at the Office of Student Conduct and Community Engagement (SCCE)?
Yes, an individual may attend a meeting with you at our office, provided that you sign a release of authorizing prior to the meeting. However, separate meetings are scheduled for any students involved in the same disciplinary matter, including those who have been referred to the SCCE and/or who may have witnessed an incident being investigated by SCCE. Disclosure of Disciplinary Records

Am I allowed to examine my disciplinary file?
Yes. You will need to go to the SCCE and fill out a request to view your file. (This paperwork can be completed when you meet with an SCCE staff member about your disciplinary matter.) You will also need to present an official photo ID. After your request is processed, a time may be arranged for you to review the file in our office. Disciplinary Record Review Request

How can I have a Judicial Hold removed from my record?
Call SCCE at 326.2280. Generally, a judicial hold means that you failed to respond to a judicial letter or are pending to fulfill some other obligation concerning a disciplinary/academic matter, so you will probably need to schedule an appointment and meet with the Director of Student Conduct and Community Engagement before the hold is removed.

How can I obtain my confiscated identification (ID) card?
If your student ID card was confiscated on campus, it will probably be sent to the SCCE. Provided the ID card was received by the SCCE, you will be sent an email from that office outlining your options. Please note: A student ID card is for your use only. So, if you have allowed someone else to use your ID card, you might be in violation of the Student Code of Conduct.

What information is released when I complete a job application or reference form requesting information on disciplinary records?
Person requesting information must bring an official photo ID and the signed release form. If the form does not have a signed release allowing us to provide information of that nature, you (the student) will be asked to sign a release form at OSA.

How can I report a suspected violation of Student Code of Conduct to the Office of Student Conduct and Community Engagement?
If you have reason to believe that a student may have violated University rules, you may contact the SCCE at 326-2280 or submit a complaint via our reporting database at Reportit.

If I file a complaint and disagree with the outcome, can I appeal the decision?
No, only the accused student or a victim of crimes of violence may appeal a disciplinary decision.

Will I be able to know the outcome of another student's disciplinary matter?
We will only release information about the outcome of another student's disciplinary matter upon his/her written consent or when required to do so by state or federal law.

What if I disagree with an allegation of academic dishonesty made by my professor?
You may request that case be reviewed by the Honor Council. Supporting information such as course syllabus will be required in order to take a case before the Honor Council. " I Disagree " is not enough.

What is an Administrative hearing?
An Administrative hearing is one person, usually the Vice President of Student Affairs and/or designee, and determine if a violation of rule occurred.

Can I appeal the outcome of an Administrative Hearing?
Yes, but appeal is limited and it is reviewed by the VP of Student Success and/or designee.

What is an Honor Council Hearing?
The Honor Council is composed of faculty and students that review academic appeals.

What if I disagree with the findings of the Honor Council?
You may choose to have your academic matter reviewed by the Provost.

Will my financial aid be affected by the sanction I received?
Maybe. For information regarding your financial aid please contact The Office of Student Financial Aid at 326-2225. Additional information about financial aid can be found on their website.

I have an attorney; what is his/her role in resolving my disciplinary matter?
Your attorney may attend and advise you throughout the disciplinary process. However, your attorney is not permitted to speak, question witnesses, introduce evidence, make objections, or present arguments to the hearing officer during that proceeding. Written notice must be provided to the SCCE at least three days before the hearing that an attorney will be present.

Can my parents obtain information from the Office of Student Conduct and Community Engagement about my disciplinary matter?
Our office would provide such information to your parents if you have signed a release authorizing us to do so. However, information is only released in person. Drug and Alcohol violations by minors allow the SCCE to inform parents.

Who has access to my disciplinary record?
Your disciplinary record is considered confidential. However, information concerning your disciplinary record may be made available to appropriate University officials, faculty, and/or staff members who have a legitimate educational interest in such information. In addition, information regarding your disciplinary record may be released to other individuals or entities upon your written request or in accordance with state and federal law.

How long will my disciplinary record be maintained?
Most disciplinary records are maintained for at least five (5) years after case is closed, terminated, completed, expired, or settled. Some records, however, are kept permanently, including those involving an assessed penalty of suspension, expulsion, denial or revocation of a degree, and/or withdrawal of a diploma.