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Office of Student Affairs offers information regarding the disciplinary process and other student policies.  The Office of Student Affairs provides feedback to students who may have difficulty locating or understanding a policy or have other questions.

In Office of Student Affairs, we are constantly trying to balance the individual need of students with the needs of the University community. You can expect our staff to handle each student with care, concern and compassion while seeking to teach integrity, responsibility, and accountability.

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Academic Misconduct

As a member in an academic community, students at Texas A&M International University are expected to exhibit a high level of honesty and integrity in their pursuit of higher education, be mature, be self directed and able to manage their own affairs. Students who are unwilling to abide by these basic expectations will find themselves facing academic and or disciplinary sanctions. Students are expected to share in the responsibility and authority with faculty and staff to challenge and make known acts that violate the TAMIU Honor Code.

The TAMIU Honor Code was created in 2008 with input from students and faculty. A copy of the Honor Code can be found below.

Honor Code

To assist professors with reporting violations of the TAMIU Honor Code, a template letter has been created. This letter should be used every time a violation is alleged and a copy should be sent to the Office of Student Affairs for record keeping. In addition, each professor should have the student fill out and submit an acknowledgement letter. The acknowledgment letter is used to verify that the student has received the charge letter and should be submitted to the Office of Student Affairs as soon as it has been filled out and signed.

Template Letter

Acknowledgement Letter

The Honor Council at TAMIU has created a flow chart outlining the process to be undertaken in cases of Academic Misconduct. This chart was created so students and faculty alike can understand the process that is undertaken when Academic Misconduct is alleged.

Academic Misconduct Flow Chart

Disciplinary Misconduct

Upon registration, students automatically become members of the University community and assume full responsibility for proper conduct until their separation from the institution. A university is a community of scholars engaged in the search for truth and in the transmission of knowledge based on truth. University students should be familiar with the ordinary conventions of adult society. Misconduct at the University is not tolerated as it diminishes the overall value of the degrees awarded by Texas A&M International University. All students at the University should be involved in assuring the honesty of all students through their own individual actions and deeds.

To report a violation of the Student Code of Conduct for disciplinary investigation, please submit the following form to the Office of Student Affairs.

Student Conduct Incident Reporting Form

Students who have not received formal admission, such as students awaiting arrival of official records, may be extended the privilege of attending classes upon the approval of the registrar. Students granted such attendance privileges are expected to abide by all rules and regulations of the University.

The University reserves the right, through fair process, to impose disciplinary and academic sanctions on students who have violated the Student Code of Conduct.

Grievances Flow Chart

To assist students and professors in reporting Disciplinary Misconduct, a flow chart has been created outlining the process to be undertaken. This chart was created to students and faculty alike can understand the process that is followed when Disciplinary Misconduct is alleged.

Police Incident Report Flow Chart

When a student has been cited by the University Police Department, a police report will be turned in to the Office of Student Affairs, or designee, for investigation. Each case is taken on an individual basis and investigated to the full extent. To assist students in understanding the process, the Police Incident Flow Chart has been created.

For information on Campus Awareness/Campus Safety please visit the following links:

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