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Student Health Services is Here for YOU!

ALL students are eligible for unlimited visits to the clinic with a valid TAMIU ID. Doctor and Women's Health visits are free of charge. Patient is responsible for the payment of any cost incurred resulting from a consultation (i.e. x-rays, bloodwork, tests etc.)


Episodic Carering banner 1

Physical Exam - by appointment


Lab Orders




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Tuberculosis (TB) - $4.00

Influenza - FREE

Gardasil- FREE

TDAP - $35

Bacterial Meninigitis- $70


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Testicular Cancer Screening

Sexual Health

FREE HIV Tesitng and STD Referrals




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All women's health procedures, except pregnancy tests, are done by appointment with the visiting nurse practitioner who comes in every Wednesday from 8am - 5pm.


Well Woman Exam

Pap Smear - $16ring bannner 2

Breast Self Exam

Pregnancy Test - $4                                                  

Gonorrhea Testing - $ 31

Chlamydia Testing- $31

Vaginal Culture - $14

Herpes Testing - $30 with PAP Smear

FREE HIV Testing and STD Referrals


Nutrition Counseling

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Blood Pressure Monitoring

Health Information

Diabetic Screening



Basic Vision Screening

Texas A&M International University - Student Health Services

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