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Title V Promoting Postbaccalaureate  Opportunities for Hispanic Americans (PPOHA) Program

Welcome to GREAT!

GREAT seeks to increase the number of Hispanic students who complete a graduate degree in a timely manner and are prepared to attain a doctoral degree or professional career in behavioral, biological, or mathematical sciences. This goal will be achieved through a vigorous and cost effective implementation of a number of activities such as a research assistantship program providing financial assistance, faculty mentorship, research capability improvement, opportunities to interact with guest scientists and mathematicians, and a designated graduate student office. GREAT activities are planned to address the following objectives: (1) Retention: Participating fellows will be retained in the program to completion of their degree; (2) Engagement: Graduate participants will present the results of their research at least once a year in a symposium, or a regional or national conference; and 3) Graduation:  By alleviating financial limitation, participants will successfully complete the Master’s program in 30 months. To achieve these goals, GREAT employs the following strategies, (a) provides funding to cover the expenses incurred by graduate students and eliminate the need for outside employment, thus significantly diminishing graduate student attrition rates; (b) provides academic research opportunities to Hispanic graduate students by working in close collaboration with a faculty mentor investigating current biological, psychological and mathematical research topics. To further improve retention, participating graduate faculty will receive funding/release time to serve as mentors; (c) provides an academically stimulating environment that includes a seminar series for graduate students, which consists of research presentations by well-known, active researchers/academicians in the target disciplines. These presenters will serve as additional role models and motivators exposing students to different ideas, topics, career opportunities, and the scientific methods used in their areas; (d) provides, under close mentorship, an opportunity for students to think critically, develop a research project, and present their proposal/research findings to their peers and to the greater academic community. As a result, participants will produce work of publishable quality; (e) improves the departmental research and library infrastructure providing graduate students the opportunity to acquire the necessary skills to not only complete a master’s degree, but also to continue their graduate education at the doctoral or professional career level. Appropriate courses and qualified personnel will be added to provide students the necessary training to properly manage the research equipment and databases. These experiences will increase students’ competitiveness in highly recognized doctoral programs; (f) provides professional development activities for graduate faculty each year of the project; and (g) establishes a graduate student’s office that will provide a space for developing a continuous academic environment as students collaborate, interact and socialize. These activities will enhance the students’ understanding of the academic demands of a graduate program and provide them with the tools necessary for success. As a result of their cumulative experiences provided through the proposed initiative, participating students will graduate within 30 months.  These students will be prepared to enter a professional career or pursue a doctoral program in their respective academic field of inquiry.

Thank you for your interest in our Title V PPOHA and the GREAT Program. Please download an application and submit it to:

Graduate Retention Enhancement at TAMIU (GREAT)
Department of Psychology & Communication
Texas A&M International University
Laredo, TX 78041

For additional information, please email great@tamiu.edu. Candidates chosen for this initiative will be contacted via email.

GREAT funding was possible by the Title V PPOHA Program  from the United States Department  of Education 

Award #: P031M105048
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