Texas A&M International University

TAMIU Cognitive Science Research Group

The TAMIU Cognitive Science (CogSci) Research Group is composed of researchers interested in understanding the workings of the human mind from an interdisciplinary or multi-disciplinary perspective (e.g., Anthropology, Biology, Business, Education, Linguistics, Psychology, & Sociology). The purpose of the CogSci Research Group is to provide an academic environment for friendly discussions about the human mind, promote research collaboration amongst its members, & discuss and present research ideas. Ultimately, the goal of the CogSci Research Group is to morph into The Cognitive Science Research Center, in the near future.

Founding Members:

Candace Baker (Autistic Disorders)
Palash Bera (Business & Technology)
Jeff Brown (Cognitive Psychology)
Mary R. Chávez (Counseling, Developmental Psychology)
Anna B. Cieślicka (Psycholinguistics, Experimental Psychology)
Chris Ferguson (Clinical Psychology)
Lisa Gardner Flores (Social Linguistics)
Sergio Garza (Bilingual Education)
Patricia González (Applied Linguistics)
Jaclyn L. Jeffrey (Anthropology, Culture)
Roberto R. Heredia (Cognitive Psychology, Experimental Psychology)
John C. Kilburn (Sociology)
Nereu F. Kock  (Business & Technology)
Mónica E. Muñoz (Social Psychology, Social Cognition)
Lola Orellano Norris (Spanish Literature, Historic Linguistics)
Fernando Quintana (Biology)
Maria Romero-Ramírez (Psychology, Counseling)
Bonnie Rudolph (Counseling Psychology, Personality)
Claudia San Miguel (Criminal Justice)
Alan Seitel (Communication Disorders)
Sumalai Maroonge (Audiology, Speech and Hearing Sciences)
Miroslava Vargas (Bilingual Education, Second Language Learning)
Marcus Ynalvez (Sociology)