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Linux for PC, PowerPC, MacIntel:
  Android-X86 DebianFedoraFinnix, Gentoo, Mangeia,
Mint, Open-SUSE, Ubuntu, Slackware
Linux Unix & BSD Related:
ECosFreeBSDFreesBIE, Illumos, Minix3NetBSDOpenBSD,
  OpenIndiana, PC-BSD,
Linux for Apple (PowerPC & MacIntel):
Mklinux, Slakintosh
Linux for Education & Kids:
DouDouLinux (Kids), Edubuntu, Epoptes, Fedena,
Opensis, Open Source Schools, School Forge, Ubermix
Linux: Enterprise Servers:
  CentOS, LineoxRed Hat, ScientificLinux
SUSE, Ubuntu, White Box
Linux for Very Old Hardware & Netbooks:
CruxPPC, DamnSmallLunux, Fedora, Knoppix, KolibriOS, Slackware, Slitaz, Xubuntu,
Linux: Install Linux on Windows:
Linux-Unix Related:
UnixGuide, GNU Hurd, Unix History, Linux-Unix Commands,
Linux Desktops: Run KDE Cross-Platform
  KDE for Mac OS X, KDE for Windows
Oldies But Goodies: Historical Stuff & Other Less known OSes:
Apple Mcpaint
AranyM ATARI  Emulator for Any Kind of Hardward
  AROS: Amiga Research Operating Sytem 
  Amikit: Amiga Emulator
  Aftershock: Gopher Server
  DexOS: 32 Bit Game Assembly Language OS
DOSBox cf. MS-DOS: (Linux, Mac, Win)
  FreeDos: Maximum Compatibility with DOS
  Haiku (cf. BeOS)
GoFish Gopher/Web Servers
  KolibirOS: Small X86 Assembler
LUnix: Commodore64 OS
  MenuetOS: Assembly Language OS (32/6a Bit)
  Minix3: Unix Variant
  MorphOS: Inspired by AmigaOS (PPC)
  MS-DOS Original MS-Word for Windows
  Nintendo Emulators
  OpenVMS (cf. VMS)
OS-commerce: Payments, Shipping etc
  Plan 9 Beyond Unix from the Bell-Labs

  Puppy Arcade: Retro Gaming
ReactOS: The Win Clone?
  Syllable Formerly AtheOS
  Stella: Atari 2600 VCS emulator
  Visopsys: Visual Operating System
  10 Alternative Operating Systems
  10 Relatively Uknown OSes
Open Source & Other Licenses:
  Open Source Licenses
  The Free Software Foundation
  License Index: FAQ, Various Licenses
  Copy-left, Noncopy-Left, & X11
  Free and Non Free Software
  BSD, GPL, LGPLMIT, Mozilla Public License
Other Linux & BIOS (Open, Linux) Firmware Issues:
Linux Foundation Secure Boot System
Programming Languages:
  8 of the Best Ruby Programming Books
  16 of the Best Perl Books
  20 of the Best Free Python Books
  9 of the Best Free C++ Books
Resources For Linux
Computer Tutorials: Pictures
  Linuxaria: 12 Open Source Books
  Loads of Linux Links   
  5 eBooks to Learn Linux
  8 Open Source Books
  10 Open Source Books
12 Open Source Books
  12 Things To Do with Linux
  20 Free Linux Open Source Books