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Welcome to Statistics!

Statistical Packages:
  CCOUNT: (cf. SPSS) (Linux, Win)
  CRAN: See Also R (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Dap: SAS Clone (Linux, Unix)
  Draco: Statistics Package (Linux, Mac, Win)
  EasyDIAG: Interrater Agreement (MatLab)
  ELKI: Data mining (Linux, Mac, Win)
Epiinfo: Statistical APP (Linux, Mac, Win)
  ESCI: Confidence Intervals (Excel)
  ESS: Emacs Speaks Stats (Linux, Mac, Win)
  ExGutils: Ex-Gaussian (Linux, Mac, Win)
GLSD: Comparisons (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Gnumeric Spreadsheet (Linux, Win)
Gretl: Econometrics (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Grocer: Toolbox for Scilab (Linux)

  jamovi: Stats (Linux, Mac, Win)
  JASP-Stats (Linux, Mac, Win)
  jHepWork: Data-Analysis (Linux, Mac, Win)
  KNIME: Data Analytic (Linux, Mac, Win)
MacAnova (Linux, Mac, Win)
  MacStats (Mac)
  MicrOsiris: Data Management (Win)
  MorePower60 ANOVA (Win)
  Negative Binomial Software (Win)
OpenModeller: Modelling (Linux, Win)
  Orange: Visualized Data (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Partyview: Data 4-Dimentional Viewer

  PAST: Palaeontological (Win)
  PSPP (cf. SPSS) Stats (Linux, Mac, Win)
R: see CRAN (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Weka: Data Mining (Linux, Mac, Win)
R Graphica Interfaces:
    RStudio: IDE for R (Linux, Mac, Win)
    Rattle: Data Mining (Linux, Mac, Win)
    Deducer: Intuitive Stats (Linux, Mac, Win)
    RKward:Stats (Linux, Mac, Win)
    JGR: Java GUI (Linux, Mac, Win)
    R Commander: Easy R (Linux, Mac, Win)
  RapidMiner: Data Miner (Win)
  Root: Analysis- Physics (Linux, Mac, Win)
  ShinnyApps: Experience Stats
Statist (Linux, DOS)
  StatistX (Linux, Win ) 

Talend: Data Management (Linux, Win)

  Tetrad Causal Models (Linux, Mac, Win)
  9 Best Data Mining Apps (Linux, Mac, Win)
Meta-Analysis Software
  EpiMeta: Meta-Analysis (DOS)
  Meta-Analysis Stuff
Ralf Schwarzer Meta-Analysis (DOS)
Power In Statistics: Software
  G*Power (Tutorial): OS 9, X (Mac, Win)
  Statistical Power Page  (Linux, Mac, Win)
Unify Pow Modules
Graphics, Data Visualization Tools:
  Dstat: Stats Tool (Linux)
  Gnuplot: Plot, Chart (Linux, Mac, Win)
Gnu Octave: Cf. Matlab (Linux, Mac, Win)
Gplot (Linux, Mac, Win)
Graphviz: Graphs  (Linux, Mac)
  Gri: Programming (Linux, Win)
  LabPlot: Anaysis & Visualisation (Linux, Mac)
  ImLib3D: 3D Image Processing (Linux)

MayaVi: Data Visualizer (Linux, Win)
  Maxima: A computer Algebra System (Linux, Win)
Octave Cf. Matlab (Linux, Mac, Win)
  OpenDX: Data Explorer (Linux, Win)
  Open Dynamics Engine: Simulating Dynamics (Win)
  PLplot: PLotting Software (Linux, Mac, Win)
RLplot  Graph Generator (Linux, Win)
  Root: Object-Oriented Data Analysis (Linux)
  Scilab: Computation & Graphics (Linux)
  SciGraphica: Scientific Graphics (Linux, Win)
Veusz: Graphics Plotting (Linux)
  Visualization Tool Kit (Linux, Mac, Win)
  11 Topo Plotting Tools (Linux, Mac, Win)
Great Selection of Software:
  Free Statistics (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Free Software 
(Linux, Mac, Win)
  Free Online Softare (Linux, Mac, Win)
Spreadsheets, Graphics (Linux, Win) 
  StatSci.org (Linux, Mac, Win)
Statistical Software: Various (Linux, Mac, Win)
Other High Quality Programs:
  Matrix & Structural Equations
Other Related Topics:
  Statistics & Research I & II
  Statistics Explained  I, II, & III
  An Excellent Statistics Book
  Nonparametric Statistics
  T-test, Factorial Designs
  Statistical Significance
  Social Research Methods
Practice, Do, & Learn:
  Vista Program: Visual Statistics
  Learning Statistics
  Statistical Data
Not Free:
MLWin (Win)

Mixed-Effects Modeling
  Mixed-Models: Short Course