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Welcome to Statistics!

Statistical Packages:
  CCOUNT: (cf. SPSS) (Linux, Win)
  CRAN: See Also R (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Dap: SAS Clone (Linux, Unix)
  Data Visualization Tools (Linux, Win)
  Draco: Statistics Package (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Dynamic Cache Statistics (Linux, Win)
  EasyDIAG: Interrater Agreement (MatLab)
  ELKI: Data mining (Linux, Mac, Win)
Epiinfo: Statistical APP (Linux, Mac, Win)
  ESCI: Confidence Intervals (Excel)
  ESS: Emacs Speaks Stats (Linux, Mac, Win)
GLSD: Comparisons (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Gnumeric Spreadsheet (Linux, Win)
Gnuplot: Graphics (Mac, Win)
Gretl: Econometrics (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Grocer: Toolbox for Scilab (Linux)

  jamovi: Stats (Linux, Mac, Win)
  JASP-Stats (Linux, Mac, Win)
  jHepWork: Data-Analysis (Linux, Mac, Win)
  KNIME: Data Analytic (Linux, Mac, Win)
MacAnova (Linux, Mac, Win)
  MacStats (Mac)
  MicrOsiris: Data Management (Win)
  MorePower60 ANOVA (Win)
  Negative Binomial Software (Win)
OpenModeller: Modelling (Linux, Win)
OpenStat Excellent, User Friendly (Win)
  Orange: Visualized Data (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Partyview: Data 4-Dimentional Viewer

  PAST: Palaeontological (Win)
Pipe Wave (Unix)  
  PSPP (cf. SPSS) Stats (Linux, Mac, Win)
R: see CRAN (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Sweave: R & Latex (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Weka: Data Mining (Linux, Mac, Win)
R Graphica Interfaces:
    RStudio: IDE for R (Linux, Mac, Win)
    Rattle: Data Mining (Linux, Mac, Win)
    Red-R: Stats (Linux, Mac, Win)
    Deducer: Intuitive Stats (Linux, Mac, Win)
    RKward:Stats (Linux, Mac, Win)
    JGR: Java GUI (Linux, Mac, Win)
    R Commander: Easy R (Linux, Mac, Win)
    7 Best GUI for R (Linux, Mac, Win)
  RapidMiner: Data Miner (Win)
  Root: Analysis- Physics (Linux, Mac, Win)
  SalStat (Linux, Mac)
  Scilab: Matrix Oriented App (Linux, Win)
  ShinnyApps: Experience Stats
Spread32 Spreadsheet (Win)
Statist (Linux, DOS)
  StatistX (Linux, Win ) 

 Statists  (Linux, Mac, Win)
  |STAT/UnixStats (Linux, Unix, DOS)
Talend: Data Management (Linux, Win)

  Tetrad Causal Models (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Weka: Data Mining (Linux, Mac, Win)
  9 Best Data Mining Apps (Linux, Mac, Win)
Meta-Analysis Software
  EasyMA: Meta-Analysis (DOS)
  EpiMeta: Meta-Analysis (DOS)
  Links to Meta-Analysis Software
  Meta-Analysis Stuff
Ralf Schwarzer Meta-Analysis (DOS)
Power In Statistics: Software
  G*Power (Tutorial): OS 9, X (Mac, Win)
  Statistical Power Page  (Linux, Mac, Win)
Statistical Software Page (Linux, Mac, win)
  Unify Pow Modules
Graphics, Data Visualization Tools:
  Dstat: Stats Tool (Linux)
Fusioncharts: Charts, Graphs (Win)
  Gnuplot: Plot, Chart (Linux, Mac, Win)
Gnu Octave: Cf. Matlab (Linux, Mac, Win)
Gplot (Linux, Mac, Win)
Graphviz: Graphs  (Linux, Mac)
  Gri: Programming (Linux, Win)
  Jpgraph: Graphing (Linux, Win)
  LabPlot: Anaysis & Visualisation (Linux, Mac)
  ImLib3D: 3D Image Processing (Linux)

MayaVi: Data Visualizer (Linux, Win)
  Maxima: A computer Algebra System (Linux, Win)
  NCAR Graphics (Linux, Win)
  OpenDX: Data Explorer (Linux, Win)
  Open Dynamics Engine: Simulating Dynamics (Win)
  PLplot: PLotting Software (Linux, Mac, Win)
  QtOctave: Cf. Matlab & Octave (Linux, Mac, Win)
RLplot  Graph Generator (Linux, Win)
  Root: Object-Oriented Data Analysis (Linux)
  Scilab: Computation & Graphics (Linux)
  SciGraphica: Scientific Graphics (Linux, Win)
Tulip: Graphing (Linux, Win) 
Veusz: Graphics Plotting (Linux)
  Visualization Tool Kit (Linux, Mac, Win)
  11 Topo Plotting Tools (Linux, Mac, Win)
Great Selection of Software:
  Free Statistics (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Free Software 
(Linux, Mac, Win)
  Free Online Softare (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Peanut Software (Win)
Spreadsheets, Graphics (Linux, Win) 
  StatSci.org (Linux, Mac, Win)
Statistical Software Page (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Statistical Software: Various (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Statistics.com (Linux, Mac, Win)
  StatLib: Data (Linux, Mac, Win)
  Web Based Stats (Linux, Mac, Win)
Other High Quality Programs:
Gummit Software
  Hypercard Stack: Statistical Analyses
Matrix & Structural Equations
  Expert Systems

Other Related Topics:
  Statistics & Research I & II
  Statistics for Psychology & Research
  Statistics Explained  I, II, & III
  An Excellent Statistics Book
  Package for GPS Deformation
  Nonparametric Statistics
  T-test, Factorial Designs
  Statistical Significance
  Social Research Methods
Practice, Do, & Learn:
  Vista Program: Visual Statistics
  Learning Statistics
  Statistical Data
  Java Statistics
Not Free:
  GenStat (Win)
MLWin (Win)

Mixed-Effects Modeling
  Mixed-Models: Short Course