Citibank Central Billing Accounts

TAMIU has several Citibank CBA accounts assigned to the different Colleges of the University. These accounts have been setup strictly to handle airfare charges and can be used in the following instances.

  1. Airfare for prospective employees and students.
  2. State employees who did not qualify to receive an individual credit card issued by the University to handle their travel expenses and charging the airfare to the University's CBA account is the method of guaranteeing the contracted rate.
  3. Airfare must be purchased in advance in order to qualify for a discounted airfare rate and by charging the airline ticket to the division account will prevent the employee from being billed to his credit card.

**Use of the Citibank Central Billing Account must be authorized by the College Dean**

Applications for the Individual CitiBank Travel Credit Card can be obtained from Accounts Payable - Travel (KL152) Ext. 2817.

If a credit card is needed to reserve a room, submit the travel advance credit card agreement with required paperwork, and the card may be opened so reservations can be made.