In-State Travel

The In-State meal and lodging rates are available on the: Travel Reimbursement Rates website.

If the city is not listed, but the county is listed; use the rate of the county.
For areas not listed (city or county), the rates are: 
Lodging In-State: up to $85
Meals In-State/Out-of-State: up to $46

Although meal receipts are not required at the travel office, reimbursement of meals is based on actual expenses not to exceed the allowable rate per day. A carryover from one day to the next is not permitted. For example: If the meal per diem is $36 and a state employee incurs expenses of $ 38.00 on day 1 of a trip and $ 18.00 on day 2 of the trip, only $54.00 of those expenses are reimbursable.

Please note: Meals will only be reimbursed if the employee stays overnight.

Lodging Reimbursement- Receipts required

A state employee may increase the lodging rate by decreasing the meal rate and adding the amount to the lodging rate.

Please Note: Taxes are not considered part of the lodging amount, but are considered incidental expenses. For In-State travel, city, county, and municipal taxes are the only reimbursable taxes. It is the responsibility of the traveler to present the Hotel Occupancy Tax Exemption Certificate to be exempt from the state hotel tax. Reimbursement of lodging taxes will be based on the lodging amount being reimbursed.