Travel Forms

Please note: An employee must check with their department secretary for internal department procedures regarding the travel forms. The travel forms are available below:

An employee must complete and obtain approval prior to the date of departure. Failure to do so may lead to the non-reimbursement of expenses.  Form is required even if the traveler is not requesting reimbursement.  Under social security #, only enter the last 4 digits.

University Travel Card Application & Agreement

For In-State Use only. The certificate is to be used for business only and not for private purposes, under penalty of law. Religious, charitable or educational organization or employee are exempt from State taxes only. It is the responsibility of the State employee to identify themselves as a state employee when required. If a state employee fails to obtain the tax exemption, taxes will not be reimbursed.

The voucher must be completed immediately after the travel is completed. The travel voucher must be typed. Under social security #, only enter the last 4 digits.  Original signatures are required on vouchers. The voucher must be signed by the claimant and the employee's supervisor and/or account manager. An acronym can be used on the details section of the travel voucher if they have been previously defined. Corrections should be clear & initialed by the traveler. Do not use liquid paper to make corrections. (Sample Travel Voucher)

The form must be used if coordination of travel has been recommended, but due to official business reasons cannot be accompanied.

State Agencies are required to participate in the State Travel Management Program who has awarded contracts for travel agencies, charge card providers, rental car companies, airlines and hotels. The contract must be used and use of non-contract vendors may be allowed under certain conditions. Refer to the Contract Travel Vender Exemptions Form.

The form provides a comparison between the actual mileage incurred to the airfare quote plus other related expenses such as rental car, gasoline, parking, and taxi fares that might be incurred when flying. A justification for claiming mileage reimbursement is needed when claiming Out-of-State mileage. A comparison should be made in determining the most cost-effective method of transportation.

In addition to the University Employee Travel Request, the individual must submit the Travel to Washington, D.C. form electronically to the Office of State Federal Relations (OSFR).  For fiscal year 2008 and on, only state travelers who intend to confer on legislative or appropriations issues with U.S. Congress/The Federal Government, staff, or officials, should submit travel information to the Texas Office of State-Federal Relations (OSFR).  The department secretary or the traveler can fax the confirmation received from the OSFR office to the following required office listed below.

Tommy Williams
Vice Chancellor for Federal and State Relations,
Texas A&M University System
College Station, TX  77840-7896
Phone: (979) 458-6016

Email him at twilliams@tamus.edu or his staff assistant Kathy Mazurkiewicz at ke-mazurkiewicz@tamus.edu

In addition to the University Employee Travel Request form and Risk Assessment form , the Request for Foreign Travel form must be submitted to the President's Office at least six weeks prior to travel. The signature of the President is required. The signature of the Chancellor is not required since state appropriated funds cannot be used for foreign travel.  Employees need to check with the department secretary for other internal departmental procedures.

Although the Chancellor's written approval is not required, TAMIU requires the Request for Foreign Travel and Risk Assessment forms for all international travel including Mexico and Canada for all travel beginning on or after February 16, 2009, to assist with compiling the required information for the University safety and risk management department.

Risk Assessment (Foreign Travel Only)
In addition to the University Employee Travel Request and the Request for Foreign Travel, the Risk Assessment form must be filled out and all three forms submitted to Safety/Risk Management at Physical Plant.  The forms need only the traveler, supervisor/dept head signature when turned in to Safety/Risk Management.  After the assessment, the forms are returned to the traveler to obtain the rest of the signatures on the Request for Foreign Travel.  For assistance in filling out the form, contact safety@tamiu.edu.

Questionnaire required for all travel to Extreme Risk countries and regions.
For list of Extreme risk countries click here.

Travel Advance Credit Card Agreement
Faculty Led Program Travel Advance Agreement
This is a pre-loaded credit card that is issued when a traveler does not have a personal credit card or was not approved for an individual university credit card.  Agreement and required documents are to be turned in at least 5 business days before the trip.

The form is to be filled out and signed by prospective employee. The form outlines details of trip. All receipts are required, with the exception of meals. The form is to be attached to the Travel Voucher and submitted to Accounting Services along with the W-9.  The W-9 is required even if the prospective employee will not get reimbursed directly.  If we are paying lodging or airfare on their behalf, the W-9 is required.


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