Traveler Responsibilities

Prior to Travel

  1. Apply for the Citibank University Travel Card
  2. Obtain approval to travel – check with your department for required departmental request process
    • Concur Travel Request
  3. Update Concur Profile
    • Travel preferences
    • Travel arrangers and expense delegates
    • Credit card (University Travel Card)
    • E-Receipt registration
    • Mobile/ExpenseIt app registration

Booking Travel

  1. Understand funding sources
    • State funds are restrictive when compared to local funds.
    • Research funds may have further restrictions when compared to local and/or state funds.
  2. Ensure travel arrangements comply with university travel guidelines
  3. Secure travel arrangements
    • Concur is the preferred method of booking:
      • Traveler can book directly, or;
      • Request your travel arranger to book the travel
    • Option to book directly with travel providers
  4. Payment options to secure travel arrangements
    • University Travel Card (preferred):
      • In employee's name
      • University paid
      • Most efficient process
    • Out of Pocket (least preferred):
      • Will not be reimbursed until after travel has occurred and expense report processed, unless travel arrangements are booked through Concur.

During Travel

  1. Ensure any purchases made comply with university travel or purchase guidelines
  2. Tax Exemptions
  3. Obtain receipts for expenses requiring receipts
    • Receipt must be itemized
    • If expense is out of pocket, documentation must include proof of payment
      • Receipt showing payment applied to balance, or;
      • Credit card charge slip
    • All receipts are required.
  4. Capture receipt images using the ExpenseIt App to automatically generate expenses, or use the Concur Mobile to create your report while traveling.

After Travel

  1. Create Expense Report if not already created prior to or during travel.
  2. Assign travel card transactions to Expense Report within 30 days of transaction post date. This could be prior to travel (e.g. airfare, registration, hotel deposit), during travel, or after travel, but has to be assigned to an expense report no later than 60 days from the post date.
  3. Submit Expense Report with required receipts/substantiation within 30 days of travel end date.
    • No later than 90 days
    • After 90 days, will be considered taxable income for the employee

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