Parking Permit Types and Issuance Procedures

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Parking Permits are issued for the designated reserved parking lots as well as for various reserved spaces throughout campus as designated by the TAMIU Police Department.

  • Temporary Parking Permits: Temporary reserved parking permits are issued when a temporary vehicle is brought to campus and the driver holds a current valid reserved permit. Temporary reserved permits may also be issued when it is in the best interests of the University to do so.
  • Temporary reserved permits will be issued for the day only. Concessions may be made for extenuating circumstances by emailing dispatcher@tamiu.edu


Parking Permit Classifications

Paid Parking Permits. Reserved parking across campus requires a paid parking permit.

  • Reserved Parking Permits Includes the two designated reserved parking lots as well as the areas around campus marked reserved by the TAMIU Police Department. These permits may be purchased by semester or the entire Academic year at the Bursar’s Office in the University Success Center room 137.
  • Handicap Parking Permits. A Handicap Parking Permit is required to park in the University Handicap Parking spaces, and the vehicle must be used for the transportation of a handicapped person.  Merely having a Handicap Parking Permit does not entitle a vehicle to be parked in a University Handicap Parking space. A TAMIU parking permit must also be displayed when parked in a handicapped space located in either of the reserved parking lots. University patrons (faculty, staff and students) who suffer a temporary disability may obtain a temporary Handicap Parking Permit from the Director of Student Health Services.


Payment of Fees:

Fees for parking permits shall be paid at the University Bursar's Office located in the university Success Center room 137.

Refund of Parking Permit Fees:

Charges for parking permits are not prorated and therefore, refunds may only be obtained prior to the first day of class of the semester in which it was purchased, and the permit must be intact and unused. Persons should request refunds at the Bursar’s Office located in the University Success Center.

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