Rosalva Guerra ‘84
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2007 Smithsonian Traveling Exhibit:
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Rosalva Guerra ‘84

“Nothing in life comes easy and anything in life worth having
can only be attained through hard work.”

Rosalva Guerra ‘84

Rosalva Guerra ‘84, BA
County Judge
County of Zapata

Rosalva Guerra is an example of a person who does not believe that where you come from determines who you will become. Her father was a “ranchero” and her mother a cleaning lady at a local motel, and they labored tirelessly to support their five children. Guerra learned her judicious decision-making at the early age of eight years, having to manage the household and her siblings while her parents were working.

Guerra had her first job at ten years old, working with her mother during the hot summer months at the hotel for $5 a day. Her mother is her inspiration and she learned “to never feel tired…if she could do it, so could I.” A bride at 16 years of age, Guerra gave her address at commencement while she was seven months pregnant. While working at the local tax office, she committed herself to finishing her bachelor’s degree. Her only regret is not having the guidance or encouragement at home on the importance of education. Knowing the lack of education did not stop her mother for working hard to provide for her family, Guerra learned not to give up in her own life.

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