Armando Soto, Jr. ‘89
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2007 Smithsonian Traveling Exhibit:
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Armando Soto, Jr. ‘89

“Life is a roller coaster filled with ups and downs.”

Armando Soto, Jr. ‘89

Armando Soto, Jr. ‘89, BBA
Armando Soto Jr. CPA CFP

Armando Soto, Jr. is no stranger to adversity. Born to Mexican immigrant parents who only had an elementary education, he learned from their struggles how to make a better future for himself. His parents’ education did not fully prepare them for the complications of running a business, but their dedication, desire and an incredible will enabled them to succeed. Soto believes in developing a plan of action and committing it to paper. In this manner, he has a constant reminder of what needs to be accomplished.

He grew up in the “El Chacon” barrio living within a two block radius of “tias” and “tios.” He discovered at a young age that he would rather work in the family business after school than be playing out in the neighborhood with cousins and friends, even though that was more fun.

His experiences taught him that honesty is an important virtue, and although at times he is accused of “being too honest”, it is a trait that he admires in people.

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