Texas A&M International University and the TAMIU Alumni Association are excited to announce the 50th Anniversary Virtual Alumni Golden Celebration on Saturday, September 19th. This online event will offer a full day of videos, live streams, chats, and other fun activities that attendees can access by paid registration.


As part of the celebration, the University is looking to offer a virtual art show featuring Alumni artists.


Submission Deadline: September 1, 2020

Gallery Uploads go Live on the TAMIU Alumni Facebook Page (@txamiualumni): September 14, 2020

Contest Deadline: September 19, 2020 at 7:00 PM CT


Scope of Work & Requirements

All former TAMIU students are eligible as Alumni to participate in the Virtual Alumni Art Show. Entering work is free. Participants are allowed up to 3 artwork submissions and one photo featuring the artist to be included in the show. All mediums of work may be submitted as digital scans, photographs, video, performance art documentation with supporting images, and animation will be considered for inclusion. All artwork included in the show will be eligible for cash prizes.


Submission Details

  • All submissions must include:
    • Artwork files in acceptable file formats
    • Artwork image/file list with titles, media, and date of completion
    • Artist full name and stage name if applicable
    • Mailing Address
    • Phone Number
    • Year of graduation or class year(s)
    • Artists must submit a maximum 250-word artist statement
  • Subject Emails and Direct Messages : V_ALUMNI SHOW 2020
  • Email submissions to Alumni@tamiu.edu
  • Direct Facebook Message submissions to the official TAMIU Alumni Association Page (@txamiualumni)
  • For assistance with large files contact (956)326-2176
  • Submission Deadline: September 1, 2020
  • Acceptable file formats include .jpg, .gif, .png, .MP4, and .MOV files types.
  • All files should be labeled with last name, first initial, image no. (ex. Jesse Shaw= shawj_1.jpg)
  • Artists must submit a maximum 250 word Artist Statement.
  • Artists can submit social media handles, portfolio links, and websites to accompany their artwork.


The final selection of uploaded submissions will be at the discretion of the TAMIU Alumni Association Board and Alumni Golden Celebration Committee.    


Video Guidelines

  • Recommended video dimensions are 1280 pixels x 720 pixels for Landscape and Portrait.
  • The minimum width is 600 pixels (length depends on aspect ratio) for Landscape and Portrait.
  • The landscape aspect ratio is 16:9.
  • The portrait aspect ratio is 9:16 (if the video includes a link, the aspect ratio is 16:9).
  • Mobile renders both video types to aspect ratio 2:3.
  • Max file size is 4GB.
  • Recommended video formats are .MP4 and .MOV.
  • The maximum video length is 5 minutes.
  • Video max frames 30fps
  • All videos must include closed captioning.


Image Guidelines

The minimum file size is 500 KB/Maximum file size is 1.75 GB.

All files must be no smaller than 960 pixels and no larger than 2048 pixels with clear resolution.

Images submitted may reduce in size depending on image orientation and aspect ratios during platform upload.

  • Square: in-stream display will be a maximum of 492px by 492px
  • Portrait: in-stream display will be a maximum of 492px by 738px
  • Landscape: in-stream display will be a maximum of 492px by 276px


Contest Guidelines

  • The contest will be held on Facebook. Two (2) cash prize winners will be confirmed by the TAMIU Alumni Association.
  • Only files uploaded by the Association to the official @txamiualumni event gallery will be eligible for judging.
  • All contest participants must qualify as TAMIU Alumni to be eligible. All former students and graduates are considered Alumni by TAMIU.
  • The gallery upload with the most “Likes” within the @txamiualumni event gallery by the judging deadline will win $150 dollars.
  • The gallery upload with the most “Shares” within the @txamiualumni event gallery by the judging deadline will win $150 dollars.
  • All artists must Like and Follow, the TAMIU Alumni Association Facebook page (@txamiualumni) and Share the event gallery by September 19th to be eligible for the cash prize.
  • The Virtual Alumni Art Show gallery will go live on Monday, September 14th. Artists have from Sept 14th -19th at 7:00 PM to accumulate Likes and Shares.
  • The contest winner will be announced by 9:00 PM on the TAMIU Alumni Association Facebook Page that same day.


Please direct all questions to the TAMIU Office of the Vice President for Institutional Advancement at (956)326-2176 or email Richelle Garcia, 50th Anniversary Project Manager, at richelle.garcia@tamiu.edu.


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