The TAMIU Ring


A World of Meaning

The Official Ring is an everlasting reminder of the traditions that have shaped our institution. It was designed in 2010 by a group of students, alumni, and staff whose goal was to develop a distinctive icon that would create a bond between all students who pursued a degree at Texas A&M International University. An iconographic survey of preferred images and symbols was distributed in an effort to gain input from other students, alumni, and staff. The symbols on the ring capture the essence and uniqueness of our University, as more than a dozen components encircle this beautiful ring.

Times and people will change, but the memories and images of TAMIU will be cherished for a lifetime. The ring will remain unchanged as a tangible connection linking past, present, and future generations of alumni at home and around the world.

Students wear the ring with the University name facing them. Upon graduation, the ring is turned around with the name facing outward, symbolizing the graduates’ readiness to face the world.