The TAMIU Ring




  1. The University’s name recognizes The Seven Flags Over Laredo.

    Below, The Globe symbolizes our mission to embrace and welcome different cultures around the world.

    The Star
    represents our proud membership in The Texas A&M University System.

  1. The Entrance Pylon, located at the intersection of Bob Bullock Loop, is TAMIU’s distinctive icon seen by anyone pasing through the area.

  2. The Lamar Bruni Vergara Planetarium allows its visitors to enjoy educational and entertaining shows in its large dome-shaped screen.

  3. The pattern of Hugs & Kisses etched on the walls of the Student Center is a reminder of Laredoans’ warm-hearted welcome to anyone visiting the city. They also serve to represent digital coding and the University’s embrace of technology.

  4. The Degree Awarded is abbreviated and engraved on the ring.

  5. The Guitar illustrates that our campus is home to various cultural and musical events that show our University’s support and love for the arts.

  6. The Acequia Fountain graces the plaza in the center of our University’s campus. The fountain is in a shape of a key which symbolizes the key for opportunity.

  7. The Sharkey-Corrigan Organ is located in the Center for the Fine and Performing Arts. It is one of the most important investments for the arts in Laredo and a gift from the E.H. Corrigan Foundation. The filigree element capping the organ’s pipes borrows design components from the University’s seal as it depicts an inverted geodesic globe. It also resembles the bow ties Mr. Corrigan is known to wear.

  8. The Mesquite Branches are common in the region and TAMIU is no exception.

  9. Year of the student’s graduation.

  10. The Deer are part of our University’s welcoming feature and an integral part of our campus. They are one of the several species of animals roaming the campus freely.

  11. The Sue and Radcliffe Killam Library is the first and one of the most symbolic buildings on our campus. It offers a wonderful view of the front lawn and apse known as the Great Room. One can also see the lined Oak Trees across the green.

  12. 1970, our University’s founding year.