The TAMIU Ring
Unveiling Day

Ring UnveilingOn October 21, 2010, we celebrated a very special moment in TAMIU history by unveiling the Official Texas A&M International University Ring.

A group of seven students, three alumni, and three staff members served as committee members for the Official Texas A&M International University Ring Program. During this time, polling was done face to face with students by Alumni Relations and Student Activities Staff, to determine our ring style selection.

An Iconography survey list of preferred images and symbols of the university was compiled by the committee and the survey was sent to alumni and students in an effort to captivate the essence of TAMIU. 

We are pleased to offer a lasting reminder of the Texas A&M International University experience: the Official Ring. Designed for and by TAMIU alumni, students, and staff, this ring captures the very essence of life at TAMIU and the proud achievement graduation represents. 

Our ring evokes special memories of the traditions and images of TAMIU and may be cherished for a lifetime. The official ring is a symbolic, continuous link with university experiences, fellow classmates, and alumni. While the campus will grow, develop and change, the icons represented on this ring will not. The ring will remain unchanged as a tangible connection linking past, present and future generations of alumni at home and around the world.