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Turbo Upgrade
With the launching of the upgraded version of, the face of TAMIU Dustdevil Athletics is
finally on par with its performance.
Launched this past Spring, the completely new and
redesigned version of is a game-changing
addition to the Laredo sports media scene.
The major difference most will notice first is the move
from a vertical navigation to a horizontal one – with sections
of TAMIU Athletics listed across the top of every page. This
enables faster navigation between different sports as well as
a wider page to work with -- meaning more room for great
content, larger pictures and action-based video.
Fully integrated with Facebook and Twitter, the new features a much more graphics- based
interface compared to its text-based predecessor. Live stats
pages are no longer boring and hard- to-read HTML versions.
Today’s TAMIU Dustdevil fans now access a visually
appealing, fully functioning Score Center made robust with
play-by-play reports and up-to-date statistics.
Added to the new features, live video is now accompanied
by a voice broadcast, allowing Dustdevil fans who aren’t
able to make it to campus the chance to gain a broader
perspective of the action taking place on the court or field.
Go ahead, experience Dustdevil Athletics
and add