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Are You a Dustdevil Fan?
Join the Dustdevil Club!
Dustdevil Club members are considered our "premier fans" of TAMIU
Athletics. Not only are Club members our most ardent fans, but their
donations help us compete at the NCAA Division II (DII) level. As you
know, TAMIU is among the smaller DII programs, going head-to-head
with many of the country's top DII schools.
Dustdevil Club members are the cornerstone of
TAMIU Dustdevil Athletics. Every gift, large and
small, helps Dustdevil Athletics support the
mission of the University.
Join the Dustdevil Club today and help TAMIU
measurably impact the lives of our TAMIU
student athletes. For more information,
contact Michael Blake, Director of
Athletic Development, at 956.326.2168
or email