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Alex M., a 2008 graduate of Texas A&M International
University (TAMIU), is utilizing his communications
degree to create a massive gay family rights campaign in
México that has garnered international attention in recent
months, including a report on CNN.
Alex and his husband, Pepe were legally married in
México City and are fathers of a 2-year-old daughter. Alex
said controversy started when their daughter was expelled
from The Hills Institute, a private school in Monterrey, for
having two fathers.
“It was three days after the school year started when
we were ‘invited’ to take our daughter somewhere else, to
another daycare,” Alex said, “The school principal alleged
that Monterrey’s society is not yet ready for our type of
family and it would have been a constant conflict with other
Despite the couple’s attempt to fight for their daughters’
right to attend the school through negotiations with
CONAPRED, a government-run organization dedicated to
fight discrimination, the girl was expelled from the school.
Devastated and angry, Alex, a marketing and sales
executive, and Pepe decided they were not going to take the
school’s decision lying down.
“See, this exact situation had happened to us before
in Nuevo Laredo and we did not protest,” he said, “We
were told by the owner that the school is very conservative
and religious, therefore, they were not able to accept our
daughter. I found it amusing that religion was used as a
license to discriminate.”
The couple took their plight to major TV networks in
Mexico, but Alex said they were not interested in the story.
A local TV station was interested, but decided to wait for a
week, he added.
“I went all out in the social networks such as Facebook
and Twitter and the issue got so popular that
it forced the local station to release the story
ahead of time,” he said, “After that, it went
on national news network and became an
issue of social relevance on an international
The debate gained momentum on its own
and the couple gained overwhelming support
including those from other parents, lawyers,
psychologists, filmmakers, photographers,
publishers and reporters.
“I don’t think this is exclusively a gay
issue,” Alex said, “This is about a 2-year-old
fighting grown-ups’ ignorance and bigotry.”
Alex and Pepe’s fight has already
yielded some results as both México’s
Federal Attorney’s Office of Consumer
(PROFECO) and Secretariat of Public
Education (SEP) have determined that their case was
based on discrimination. The couple has vowed to keep the
issue alive by working with another activist to fight for the
inclusion of gay discrimination and marriage debate on the
Nuevo León State Congress’ agenda.
“We want to create an awareness for everyone and also
a precedent that discrimination is punished and that this
cannot be done just because someone with a moral compass
thinks the world is not ready for diversity,” Alex said, “We
plan to contribute as much as we can to the community and
become in some part activists. Being an activist is a full-
time job and I already have one. Fortunately, I’ve been
successful at the international company I work for which
respects diversity and promotes inclusion.”
Alex, who minored in marketing, said TAMIU prepared
him for life.
“I was powered by TAMIU with all of the essential
tools to function in a corporate lifestyle and professional
environments,” Alex said, “It empowered me with
knowledge, conviction and most of all, with the sense of
being a pro, before living any professional experience.”
He said he has advice for TAMIU students wishing to
fight for issues they believe in.
“It’s our time to defend our cause,” he said, “We were
prepared to do so and you must use all your tools, even if
that means stepping out of your comfort zone.”
He said his TAMIU degree has opened many doors for
him and contributed to the prominence his family’s story
reached in the public eye.
“We are not your ordinary citizens,” he said, “TAMIU
alumni were prepared to change the world and it is our duty
to do so. Do not be afraid of making waves. Fulfill your life
by helping yourselves and other people. Do not subscribe
to ordinary lives. Be extraordinary in everything you do.”
TAMIU Alum Fights for Family Rights in México,
Gains International Attention