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TAMIU Student, Grad
Conduct Impressive Research
Also a University Honors Program student, Díaz’
Honors Thesis was on wrongful convictions and rose
from her watching news coverage on Troy Davis,
executed for the 1989 murder of a police officer,
although significant doubts remained about his guilt.
Díaz was able to work closely with TAMIU faculty to
develop the thesis for publication.
She is currently a graduate student at the
University of Cincinnati and plans to pursue a Ph.D.
and help students the way Kilburn and others helped
TAMIU affords students singular opportunities to
conduct research with its faculty members, participate
in relevant internships and be a part of study abroad
programs. Each of these opportunities helps to
expand student experience, expanding classroom
experiences to encompass real-world applications
and career-enhancing possibilities.
Two Texas A&M International University students
have already captured the rare dream of conducting
impressive scholarly research.
Mary Lisa McKinnon, a TAMIU sociology major,
spent a month-long Fellowship with the Population
Association of America and Stephanie Diaz (TAMIU
’13, BSCJ) had her honors thesis accepted for
publication by The Journal of Ethnicity in Criminal
“I’m thrilled to see that TAMIU has prepared
these students to participate in such prestigious
scholarly activities,” said Dr. John C. Kilburn, associate
dean of Research and director, Extramural Associates
Research Development Award, Office of Research and
Sponsored Projects.
McKinnon was one of seven Texas students
to participate in workshops held by the Population
Association of America’s Summer Demographic
Program at the University of Texas – San Antonio. She
presented her research this Fall.
“I’m thrilled to see that TAMIU
has prepared these students to
participate in such prestigious
scholarly activities.”
Dr. John C. Kilburn
Top photo: Dr. Kilburn congratulates graduate Stephanie Díaz on her
publication acceptance.
Bottom photo: Mary Lisa McKinnon fulfilled a research dream and
presented her research this fall.