TAMIU Annual Report 2018

2018 Annual Report / IMPACT ‘Kindness Goes a Long Way’: Student Logs 10,000+ Community Service Hours. The holiday season has always been a special time for Mariana Rodríguez. While most children spent time writing their letters to Santa Claus, Rodríguez collected gifts and donated them to local community groups organizing toy drives for children. As one of the first volunteer efforts Rodríguez ever participated in, she knew from an early age that serving her community would be a priority in her life. Years later, Rodríguez, now a sophomore marketing major at TAMIU, continues to give back to her community and helps those in need in truly remarkable ways. She is the recipient of the President’s Lifetime Achievement Award, a distinction recognizing individuals completing over 4,000 community service hours during their lifetime. Rodríguez has recorded a whopping 10,273 community service hours for various local and international organizations, including the Laredo Center for the Arts, the Laredo Convention and Visitors Bureau, Volunteers Serving the Need, Serving Children and Adults in Need (SCAN), Tapitas Por Una Sonrisa, Angeles Sin Fronteras , and others. As a Mexican-American student, Rodríguez felt that volunteering at both local and international organizations was especially important. “Volunteering can change your life because now you think of ways to help people and how you can make an impact in their life. You become less selfish and start worrying about the needs of those that surround you,” said Rodríguez. Through her efforts, Rodríguez knows she can solve difficulties faced by those in her community. “Volunteering can change your life... you become less selfish and start worrying about the needs of those that surround you.” - Mariana Rodríguez “[Volunteering] showed me that kindness goes a long way,” she reiterated. She calls on her peers to commit themselves to engage and serve their local community. “I encourage my fellow students to complete community service hours. By helping and giving back to your community, you’re also making a difference in the world,” said Rodríguez, “Volunteering is always worth it. People are always looking for help. It’s good to give back and it truly warms your heart to see the difference you’ve made in someone’s life.” Mariana Rodríguez has volunteered at the Volunteers Serving the Need Thrift Store. 8

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