A.R. Sanchez, Jr. School of Business Dean

Name Office Phone Email
Sears, Stephen R, Ph.D.
Dean / Killam Distinguished Professor (FIN)
WH 203F (956) 326-2480 steve.sears@tamiu.edu

International Banking and Finance Studies

IBFS Division Faculty Members

Name Office Phone Email
Brooks, Li-Zheng, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor (ACC)
WH 215B (956) 326-2491 lily.brooks@tamiu.edu
Brusa, Omar Jorge, Ph.D.
Killam Distinguished Professor
Ph.D. Program Director (FIN)
WH 219C (956) 326-2512 jbsa@tamiu.edu
Camacho Gutierrez, Pablo, Ph.D.
Associate Professor (ECO)
WH 206D (956) 326-2516 pcamacho@tamiu.edu
Carlisle, Jody
Visiting Instructor (ACC)
WH 206B (956) 326-2511 jody.carlisle@tamiu.edu
Chang, Jui Chin, Ph.D.
Associate Professor (ACC)
WH 218B (956) 326-2501 jui-chin.chang@tamiu.edu
Cho, Moon Kyung, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor (ACC)
WHT 222F 956-326-2581 moonkyung.cho@tamiu.edu
Clarke, George R., Ph.D.
Associate professor (ECO)
BBVA Compass Distinguished Chair
WH 215A (956) 326-2557 george.clarke@tamiu.edu
Evans, Jr., Robert D., Ph.D.
Associate Professor (MKT)
Director of AACSB Assessment
WH 206C (956) 326-2846 robert.evans@tamiu.edu
Garcia Nuñez, Heriberto, Ph.D.
Associate Professional (FIN)
WH 203K (956) 326-2510 hgarcianunez@tamiu.edu
Graham, Nataniel, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor (FIN)
WH 203C (956) 326-2484 nathaniel.graham@tamiu.edu
Hung, Ken, Ph.D.
Professor (FIN)
WH 217A (956) 326-2541 ken.hung@tamiu.edu
Li, Wu-Lung, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor (ACC)
WH 217C (956) 326-2493 wulung.li@tamiu.edu
Knowles, Robin, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor (ACC)
WH 206A (956) 326-2530 robin.knowles@tamiu.edu
Meardon, Stephen, Ph.D.
Associate Professor (ECO)
Center for the Study of Wester Hemisphere Trade Director
WH 221C (956) 326-2547 stephen.meardon@tamiu.edu
Mukherji, Jyotsna, Ph.D.
Professor (MKT)
WH 217D (956) 326-2542 jyo@tamiu.edu
Palmer, J Kimber, J.D.
Instructor (BL)
WH 215D (956) 326-2492 kpalmer@tamiu.edu
Pacheco Paredes, Angel Arturo, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor (ACC)
WH 206E (956) 326-2505 angel.pacheco@tamiu.edu
Patwardhan, Abhijit, Ph.D.
Associate Professor (MKT)
WH 218C (956) 326-2524 ampatwardhan@tamiu.edu
Rodriguez, Antonio , Ph.D.
Professor (FIN)
WH 203H (956) 326-2517 rodriguez@tamiu.edu
Wei, Yinghong Susan, Ph.D.
Associate Professor (MKT)
WH 219B (956) 326-2555 yinghongs.wei@tamiu.edu
Yayi, Constant, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor (ECO)
WH 215C (956) 326-2531 constant.yayi@tamiu.edu
Yin, Anwen, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor (ECO)
WH 217B (956) 326-2513 anwen.yin@tamiu.edu

International Business and Technology Studies Division Chair

Name Office Phone Email
Kock, Florencio Nereu, Ph.D.
Killam Distinguished Professor / Chair (MIS)
WHT 221 E (956) 326-2521 nedkock@tamiu.edu

IBTS Division Faculty Members

Name Office Phone Email
Aguirre-Milling, Homero
Instructor (MGT)
WH 213 (956) 326-2508 haguirre@tamiu.edu
Chen, Yong, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor (MIS)
WH 222A (956) 326-2515 yong.chen@tamiu.edu
De La Garza, Lina M
Instructor (BC)
WH 212 (956) 326-2538 lina.delagarza@tamiu.edu
Garcia, Luis Hugo
Instructor & Lab Technician (MIS)
WH 218F (956) 326-2507 hgarcia@tamiu.edu
Hubona, Geoffrey, Ph.D.
Assitant Professor (MIS)
WH 213B (956) 326-2532 geoffrey.hubona@tamiu.edu
Janamanchi, Balaji, Ph.D.
Associate Professor (MGT)
Director of AACSB Accreditation
WHT 218E (956) 326-2537 bjanamanchi@tamiu.edu
Ma, Kathy, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor (MGT)
WH 223C (956) 326-2522 kathy.ma@tamiu.edu
Mayfield, R Jacqueline, Ph.D.
Professor (MGT)
WH 223A (956) 326-2533 jmayfield@tamiu.edu
Mayfield, R Milton, Ph.D.
Professor (MGT)
WH 223B (956) 326-2534 mmayfield@tamiu.edu
Mukherji, Ananda K, Ph.D.
Professor (MGT)
WH 222C (956) 326-2526 max@tamiu.edu
Peña Sanchez, Rolando, Ph.D.
Associate Professor (DS)
WH 218A (956) 326-2519 rsanchez@tamiu.edu
Prieto, Leonel, Ph.D.
Associate Professor (MGT)
WH 222E (956) 326-2580 lprieto@tamiu.edu
Syn, Thant, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor (MIS)
WH 222B (956) 326-2527 thant.syn@tamiu.edu
Wang, Haibo, Ph.D.
Killam Distinguished Professor (DS)
WH 217E (956) 326-2503 hwang@tamiu.edu

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