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The mission of the Division is to prepare students for leadership positions in the area of Accounting, Finance, Economics, and Marketing through the delivery of academically sound and globally oriented undergraduate and graduate programs. Consistent with A.R Sanchez Jr. School of Business’ mission we strive to provide the best quality education from a multicultural and international perspective that enables our students to become successful professionals.

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Dr. Stephen Sears
Dr. George R. Clarke

Dr. Brooks, Li-Zheng
Dr. Jorge Brusa
Carlisle, Jody
Chang, Jui Chin, Ph.D.
Cho, Moon Kyung, Ph.D.
Evans, Jr., Robert D., Ph.D.
Garcia Nuñez,  Heriberto, Ph.D.
Graham, Nataniel, Ph.D.
Hung,  Ken, Ph.D.
Li, Wulung, Ph.D.
Knowles,  Robin, Ph.D.
Meardon, Stephen, Ph.D.
Mukherji,  Jyotsna, Ph.D.
Palmer, J Kimber, J.D.
Pacheco Paredes, Angel Arturo, Ph.D.
Patwardhan,  Abhijit, Ph.D.
Rodriguez, Antonio , Ph.D.
Wei, Yinghong Susan, Ph.D.
Yayi, Constant, Ph.D.
Yin,  Anwen, Ph.D.

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