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Effective Fall 2012

TAMIU’s international focus that brings together students and faculty from around the globe, along with the university’s unique location on the US/Mexico border, provides a unique opportunity for students to discover and enhance their leadership skills in a setting that foreshadows the demands of the 21st Century community and workplace. In all degree fields, students’ potential for success will be enhanced through the intentional building of leadership skills. Through offering the opportunity to all students to develop the ability to lead, the university will graduate students fully prepared to become leaders in their chosen fields, in their community, in the state of Texas and in the national and international arena.

Criteria for Admission

The student must:
· have a completed at least 30 of 42 SCH core curriculum and have at least sophomore standing
· be pursuing an academic major at TAMIU
· submit an Application for admission to the program to the Binational Center

Criteria for Earning the Certificate

The student must:
· successfully complete a minimum of four required courses noted below
· attain at least a 2.75 GPA in the selected courses with no less than a C in any course
· present a portfolio of work completed to the Binational Center in conjunction with the capstone course.

Each 3-credit course has been selected based on its context and relevancy for fostering understanding of the identified learning outcomes. It is not an exclusive list. Other courses that address the learning outcomes may be substituted with approval of the Binational Center advisor and the instructor offering the course. The introductory Foundations of Leadership course and the capstone course cannot be substituted.

Group 1 - One course from
COMM 4320 Transnational Trends in Communication OR
COMM 4340 Intercultural, Professional and Personal Ethics

Group 2 - One course from
ANTH 4351 Cultural Anthropology
ENGL 4355 History of Literary Thought
SOCI 4317 Race and Ethnic Relations
SOCI 4318 Globalization

Group 3 - Completion of the following
UNIV 2301 Foundations of Leadership
UNIV 4301 International Leadership Capstone
Successful service learning experience
Forty hours of documented community service


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