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Texas A& M University College of Architecture,

Center for Housing & Urban Development Colonias Program-Central Rio Grande Region

In Partnership with U.S. Census Bureau, Denver Region


Invite You to Attend our FREE Workshop on

 "Using Census Data for Border Community Analysis" 

8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Texas A&M International University

Pellegrino Hall 211


The “Border Analysis” workshop sponsored by TAMIU, Texas A&M University College of Architecture, Center for Housing & Urban Development Colonias Program – Central Rio Grande Region will train participants on using data from the 2010 Census and American Community Survey, the most relied-on source for detailed, up-to-date socio-economic statistics covering every border community in Texas.

In a live computer lab setting, students will use the American Factfinder (data search tool); conduct searches using the Census 2010 for population numbers/basic characteristics, and American Community Survey for social/economic characteristics such as educational attainment, income, occupation, poverty status, and nativity.  Special emphasis will be placed on researching small area data to understand the demographics of the area of service.

Workshop will benefit Non-profit Organizations, Health Care Professionals, Local Governments, Community Members and University Employees using data for budget analysis, needs assessment and planning!

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