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Certificate in International Studies

This Certification is intended for undergraduate students in various disciplines across TAMIU who are interested in pursuing careers in the foreign service, international institutions, non-governmental international organizations, and multinational corporations as well as those who recognize the importance of understanding international issues to virtually any career field. The undergraduate Certificate in International Studies allows students to enhance their degree program with a concentration in international studies. Completion of the requirements is certified by the Binational Center for Research, Education, Leadership, and Public Service (BINC) and the Office of the Registrar.

Internationalization is a process which focuses on the social, legal, economic, political, and technological aspects of countries other than the United States. It often involves working with people from several disciplines to define a common goal. No single discipline can provide a thorough understanding of the globalization process. Rather, students must be exposed to several disciplines to obtain the holistic perspective required to analyze its complexity.

The Certificate in International Studies integrates a wide variety of junior and senior level courses and encourages a multidisciplinary approach. The student declares a major in an established academic department and then focuses in international studies as laid out in this certification. The Certification in International Studies meets the needs of the students and proves useful both in terms of career opportunities and contribution to international issues.


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