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Certificate in Latin American Studies

The rapid growth in relations between the United States and Latin American countries has created the need for professionals who are able to bridge both cultures.  TAMIU has responded to that need by offering a Certificate in Latin American Studies. This certificate provides students with a concentrated expertise for a variety of careers in business, government, and public service related to Latin America.

TAMIU's international faculty and student body and its location in Laredo, on the US-Mexico border, make this an especially attractive location for Latin American Studies.  Students can observe international business first hand in one of the busiest inland ports in America, study dozens of government agencies on both sides of the border, and interact with a wide variety of public service organizations.

Application Requirements

Please complete the LAS Application Form and submit it to the Binational Center located at Pellegrino Hall 302A.


You must be an undergraduate student, be accepted in an established academic department, and successfully complete a minimum of 12 hours with no less than a C in any course from the approved courses listed below:

Course Number
Course Title
ANTH 3308
Latin American Cultures
COMM 4320 Trends in International Communications
COMM 4324 Comparative Journalism
GEOG 3352
Latin American Historical Geography
HIST 3301
History of Mexico
HIST 3330
History of Latin America
HIST 3385
Mexican Americans in Southwest
PORT 3324
Brazilian Literature and Culture
PSCI 3308
Latin American Political Systems
PSCI 4307
Inter American Systems
PSCI 4309 Mexican Politics and Government
SOCI 3307
US-Mexico Border Subcultures
SOCI 3308
Latin American Cultures
SPAN 3323
Spanish Lit. Conquest to Modernism
SPAN 3326
Spanish Lit. 19th and 20th Centuries
SPAN 4309
Mexican Literature
SPAN 4317
Hispanic Folklore
SPAN 4371
Hispanic Culture
ECO 3325
Latin American Economic Issues
ECO 4370
Regional Economic Integration
Study Abroad in Latin America

For additional information contact:

Texas A&M International University
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International Language Institute

5201 University Boulevard
Pellegrino Hall 301/302/302A
Laredo, Texas 78041-1900
Tel: 956-326-2834
Fax: 956-326-2836
Email: binationalcenter@tamiu.edu

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