RACR 2011

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Conference Topics

  • Theory and methodology on risk analysis
  • Theory and methodology on crisis response
  • Risk analysis and emergency management of natural disasters
  • Risk analysis and emergency management of catastrophic accidents
  • Risk analysis and crisis response on public health and outbreaks issues
  • Risk analysis and crisis response to threats to social safety
  • Risk analysis and crisis response to financial and economic meltdowns
  • Economic Crises and Financial Risks
  • Economic and Financial Management
  • Political risk insurance and commercial risk insurance
  • Integrated risk management of emerging risks
  • Risk analysis for terrorist events
  • Risk analysis for urban/rural drug-related violence events
  • Risk analysis for politically motivated violence events
  • Environmental risk assessment and management
  • Chemical, biological, and radiological hazards
  • Risk issues due to shortage of vital strategic resources
  • Food and feed safety risk and governance
  • Risks triggered by global climate change
  • Risk management for critical infrastructure protection
  • Risk evaluation in large-scale public activities
  • Risk analysis serving for urban safe operation
  • Benefits and risks of nanotechnology
  • Intelligent information systems in risk analysis
  • Computer simulation technology for crisis management
  • Harmonized decision support
  • Other related topics