Office of Career Services


The Student Employment Program (SEP) is designed to benefit both the University and the students. It provides opportunities for students to earn money in an environment where their academic performance is paramount. It also provides the departments and offices with much needed assistance with everyday operations.

To participate in the Student Employment Program, applicants must meet the Student Employment Program Criteria. To apply, log-on to DustyWorks! You must log in with your Banner ID and use your birthdate (mm/dd/yyyy) as your password. Should you have any questions or problems with the system, contact the Office of Career Services at 326-2260.

Need Based Positions

Students hired for these positions will work 19 hours a week and earn $5.25 per hour. To qualify for Federal or State Work-study positions undergraduate and graduate students must:
  • Must be an eligible citizen
  • Demonstrate financial need
  • Be registered at least half time ( 6 credit hours) in a degree granting course of study and make satisfactory academic progress
  • Not be in default or delinquent on any loan plan with the University, state or federal government
  • Must have a current and complete folder with Financial Aid

Non-Need Based Positions

Students hired for these positions will work a maximum of 19 hours a week. There are eight classifications for non-need based positions:
  • Student Employee ($5.25 per hour)
  • Student Lab Assistant ($6.35-$7.00 per hour)
  • Student Research Assistant ($8.00-$10.00 per hour)
  • Student Data & Information Assistant ($7.00-$12.50 per hour)
  • Facility Assistant ($5.25 per hour)
  • Game Room Assistant ($5.50 per hour)
  • Information Desk Assistant ($6.25 per hour)
  • Student Manager ($8.00 per hour)
  • Resident Assistant (RA) (stipend)

Criteria for Student Employment

  • Undergraduates or Graduate students may apply for any student employee positions meeting  the criteria outlined below. Departments or offices may include other preferred qualifications for applicants on the Student Personnel Requisition Form
  • Students must be registered at least half-time (6 credit hours) in a degree-granting course of study during the Fall or Spring semesters.
  • Undergraduate F-1 or J-1 students are required to be enrolled 12 semester credit hours and Graduate F-1 or J-1 students must be enrolled for 9 semester credit hours as per INS regulations.
  • During the Summer, students do not have to be enrolled in either session. Students must sign a Career Services Letter of Intent indicating that they will be admitted for the Fall Semester at least part-time
  • Student employees hired for these positions will work up to 19 hours per week and earn the entry pay amount.
  • Undergraduate Students must have and maintain an overall grade point average of 2.0/4.0; whereas Graduate students must have and maintain a 3.0/4.0