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Harvard World Model United Nations (WorldMUN) is the most diverse college-level Model UN conference in the World, and the largest outside North America. Every year about 1,650 college students from over 42 countries attend WorldMUN in a different location around the world; past locations include Egypt, Brazil, China, Switzerland, Mexico, The Netherlands, and Taiwan. The WorldMUN conference lasts one week in March and combines committee sessions during the day with nightly social events. The events provide delegates with an amazing way to experience the host-country and to learn from students from around the world.

What is Harvard World Model UN?

Model UN is an activity for college students in which participants engage in a simulation of the practices, actions and debates of the real United Nations. Students participate in all branches of the UN including the General Assembly, the Economic and Social Council, and the Specialized Agencies discussing topics such as human rights, disarmament affairs, global warming, terrorism, economic and financial policies, and politics and corruption. Delegates are assigned country positions in their various committees and are to debate and discuss their country’s position in a realistic simulation of the UN. Over a series of sessions, delegates are given the opportunity to debate, advocate, and ultimately collaborate over a certain topic in an effort to arrive at a solution that can actually be implemented.

Model UN is a unique experience that allows and encourages delegates to hone their public speaking, analytical, and negotiating skills as well as broaden their perspective on a variety of international topics. The sessions are moderated by a director and are organized under the rules of parliamentary procedure. As an activity for internationally aware students, Model UN has become increasingly popular over the past decade, with conferences now held around the world.


2013 WorldMUN Delegation


How Can I Participate?

The Division of International Programs has selected and sponsored a group of TAMIU delegates since 2006 to WorldMUN Conferences (Beijing, Geneva, Puebla, The Hague, and Taipei).  Ask any of these students and they will tell you what a tremendous experience this has been.  We like to continue assisting our students in developing a broad international perspective.  Students who are sincerely interested in global issues, have an established record of academic excellence, and leadership experience are welcome to apply. 

Participation in the WorldMUN Conference requires an application, resume, and a personal interview.  In order to be considered for an interview, a completed application, resume, and recommendation letter have to be received by October 29th at the Division of International Programs in Pellegrino Hall 301.  Interview selection criteria include merit, diversity, and academic standing.   

The Division of International Programs selects the final number of TAMIU delegates based on the number of scholarships available and regardless of the quota assigned by WorldMUN.  The selected TAMIU WorldMUN delegation has the exclusive responsibility to officially register for the WorldMUN Conference as well as renewal of the TAMIU Model United Nations Association. 

WorldMUN Application


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