The Annual Faculty & Staff Challenge at TAMIU celebrates and encourages employee giving.  Throughout this month-long (friendly) competition, the University challenges every office and department on campus to reach 100% participation by having all members of their team make a gift or sign up for payroll deduction.


The best part is you can give to whatever area you are most passionate about! Popular areas to give to include general scholarships, specific colleges/ schools, programs, athletics, and international experiences.



We invite all participating employees to our annual celebration.  In the spirit of our #VivaTAMIU theme, we will be hosting our celebration on National Taco Day.


The #TacoThursday celebration will be held on Thursday, Oct. 4 at 5 p.m.  Please keep a look out for our email invitation for more information. 



In an effort to even out the playing field, we have divided each office and department into tiers.  You and your team are only competing against those in your tier.

tier 1

Accounts Payable/Travel Count 100%
Acquisitions/Serials Count 40%
Athletic Compliance Count 100%
Card Services Count 150%
Career Services Count 50%
Catalog Count 33%
Center for the Study of Western Hemispheric Trade Count 25%
Circulation/Periodicals Count 0%
College of Ed Dean's Office Count 60%
Community Relations & Special Events Count 75%
Compliance Count 67%
Continuing Education Count 40%
Developmental Studies Count 50%
Environmental Health & Safety Count 100%
Global Initiatives Count 80%
Grants & Contracts Count 67%
Housing and Residential Life 50%
Information Technology Count 100%
Instructional Technology Count 100%
International Engagement Count 25%
Library Count 75%
Media Services Count 100%
Ph.D. Program Count 100%
President's Office Count 100%
Purchasing Count 40%
Student Conduct & Community Engagement Count 67%
Student Health Count 100%
Student Orientation, Leadership & Engagement Count 100%
Student Success Count 60%
Student Support Services Grant Program Count 67%
Testing Center Count 50%
Texas Academy of International & STEM Studies Count 50%
TX Center for Border Economic & Enterprise Dev. Count 33%
University Learning Center Count 33%
VP for Finance & Administration Count 100%
Writing Center Count 50%

tier 2

Admissions Count 38%
Advising and Mentoring Center Count 63%
ARSSB Dean's Office Count 71%
Budget, Payroll & Fiscal Analysis Count 83%
Bursar Count 38%
COAS Dean's Office Count 20%
Graduate School Count 29%
Human Resources Count 33%
Institutional Advancement Count 100%
Institutional Assessment, Research and Planning Count 29%
Provost & VP for Academic Affairs Count 100%
Public Relations, Marketing, & Information Services Count 67%
Recreational Sports Count 43%
Reference/Government Documents/Inter-Library Loans Count 13%
Small Business Development Center Count 33%
Sponsored Project & Research Count 50%
Student Counseling and Disabilities Services Count 22%
Student Information Services Count 100%
Support Services Count 29%
User Services Count 100%

tier 3

Comptroller's Office Count 33%
Computing & Information Services Count 100%
Financial Aid Count 43%
Gear-Up Count 25%
Mathematics & Physics Count 33%
Recruitment and School Relations Count 0%
School of Engineering Count 8%
University CollegeCount(21 with adjuncts) 67%
University Registrar Count 29%

tier 4

Biology & Chemistry Count 30%
Curriculum & Pedagogy Count 35%
International Business & Technology Studies Count 29%
Professional Programs Count 19%
Psychology & Communication Count 32%

tier 5

Athletics Department Count 50%
Fine & Performing Arts Count 35%
Humanities Count 39%
International Banking & Finance Studies Count 50%
Nursing Count 45%
Social Sciences Count 23%
University Police Department Count 11%
Grand Count 45%



VP for Instiutional Advancement
ext. 2178
Dir. of Alumni Relations
ext. 2171
Dir. of University Sponsorships
ext. 2169
Development Officer
ext. 2170