Military Scholarships

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Who: Qualified students interested in full ride scholarship to Medical School

What we provide:

  • 100% Tuition, Books, Fees, Medical Insurance, and Required Equipment
  • $20,000 Cash Bonus
  • Over $2,000 monthly stipend for 10 ½ Months of the Year
  • Opportunity to choose from over 23 Residency Programs and 59 Fellowships
  • Paid as an O-3 Captain during residency (60,000 or more annually)
  • Immediate placement into established practice without the start up costs after Residency
  • No Malpractice Insurance; No Admin Overhead
  • Choice of Medical Family Location
  • No Boot Camp


  • Citizen of the United States
  • Letter of Acceptance or Current full time enrollment in good standing at a Medical School
  • Meet eligibility criteria for appointment as an Officer in the US Army Reserve

What we expect:

  • A dedicated, full-time student
  • You accept a commission as an Officer in the Army Reserve while in school.
  • 45 days of apprenticeship per year at an Army Medical Center or w/Civilian Physician

              (Waived if your program requires you to stay at school)

Contact: U.S. Army Health Care Team toll free at (877)-570-8053


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Air Force Health Professions Scholarship Program For Medical Students

Pays Full Medical School Tuition

Pays for books, equipment, lab fees, and health insurance

Pays an additional $2,060 per month living expense stipend

Here are three good reasons you will love being an Air Force Physician

1. Air Force Medicine Provides a High Quality of Practice

  • While you must apply for an Air Force residency program during your final year of medical school, the Air Force will not force you to take a residency you do not want. The Air Force does participate in the national residency program.
  • The ultimate group practice: The advantages are numerous, including sharing of ideas and techniques; on-the-spot consultations with other providers; in-house laboratory, radiology, pharmacy, and other ancillary capabilities; and referral for additional opinions and treatment.
  • Continuing Medical Education: The Air Force pays for annual courses, symposiums, seminars, and other professional meetings. We also have a wide variety of residency and fellowship programs.
  • No business concerns: You will be a physician, not a business person. You do not have to worry about leasing an office, meeting payrolls, hiring/firing support staff, purchasing equipment, billing patients, or completing insurance forms.
  • Ideal patient population: You will treat only military patients, but their spouses and children, as well as retired families. Because our health care is free, patients readily comply with tests, medications, consultations, and follow-up visits. You will prescribe a course of treatment that is best for the patient, without worrying about the patient’s ability to pay.
  • Fully trained support staff: Our nurses are 100% bachelor’s prepared. Medical technicians are all extensively trained at technical training centers, covering the latest in techniques and procedures.
  • Controlled workweek: You will work 40 hours per week with minimal overtime. Because you are in a good-sized group practice, several physicians will usually share on-call duty.
  • Unlimited sick leave: You do not have to worry about keeping your practice going if you have an extended illness or injury. You will also continue to receive full Air Force pay and benefits while you are recovering.

2. The Air Force Provides Great Financial Benefits:

  • Competitive Salary: Your salary will depend on your specialty, education, professional experience, and military experience.
  • Complete medical care for you and your family
  • Low cost life insurance: $192 annual premium for $450,000 term life insurance
  • No malpractice insurance required
  • Free on base housing or a tax free housing allowance
  • Regular pay advances: Include annual cost of living increases, time in service pay increases, and promotion pay raises.
  • Non-contributory retirement after 20 years of service: This is a $600k to $800k value, depending on your rank at the time of retirement.
  • Pay goes further: Reduced prices at base grocery stores, department stores, and recreational facilities.

3. The Quality of Life in the Air Force is Unbeatable

  • 30 days annual vacation with pay/10 national holidays off annually
  • The 30 days’ vacation, 10 holidays, and controlled workweek all provide ample opportunity for quality time…time spent with family or doing recreational things that interest you.
  • Each base has a variety of free or reduced-priced recreational facilities including golf courses, gymnasiums, basketball courts, racquetball courts, weight/fitness facilities, tennis courses, swimming pools, bowling alleys, auto hobby shops, arts & crafts centers, and movie theaters.
  • Bases also have facilities that enhance your families well being including child development centers, youth centers, family service centers, libraries, recreational centers, and playgrounds.
  • If you enjoy organized sports, all bases have intramural leagues where you can play on hospital teams in sports such as bowling, golf, flag football, volleyball, and basketball.
  • Travel. The Air Force has medical facilities in 35 states and nine oversea countries, giving you the opportunity to practice at a variety of locations. The average time at one location is 3 to 6 years for domestic bases and 1 to 4 years for oversea bases. You can also visit many countries using free military flights.


Contact: USAF Health Professions

                  8200 IH-10 West, Ste.220

                  San Antonio, TX 78230