Dr. Oswaldo Zapata, Director

Mariachi Internacional

The Mariachi Internacional TAMIU consists of music students and students of other disciplines who are interested in learning and/or improving their technique and style of mariachi music. The TAMIU mariachi program represents the tradition, culture, and heritage of the large Hispanic population of the University and the South Texas area through multiple performances every semester.


Do I get credit? Yes, non-music majors can enroll in the Mariachi Class for credit using the general electives within their degree plan.

What if I do not own an instrument? It is best if you bring your own instrument; however, the Dept. of Fine & Performing Arts does have a limited supply of mariachi instruments which students can check out each semester.

When does Mariachi Internacional meet? The group meets Mondays and Wednesdays from 6:00pm to 7:30pm in CFPA 134.

Will Financial Aid cover Mariachi? Yes, if you use mariachi as the General Elective within your degree.

Do I need to audition? Yes, please see audition information below.

If you have any further questions, please contact Dr. Oswaldo Zapata at (956) 326-3044 or email oswaldoa.zapata@tamiu.edu

Mariachi Internacional 2


If you are a music major or minor, and you will be playing your main instrument in the mariachi, you do not need an audition to be admited in the class. Auditions for all other students are made by appointment anytime before the first day of classes (please email me at oswaldoa.zapata@tamiu.edu to schedule an audition).

Seating Auditions are held during the second mariachi class of the year in order to determine who will play first, second, or third parts, and to chose the section leaders.

The audition, and seating audition will include:  

-Scales: Major scales should be played using eighth notes, minimum tempo quarter note = 80. The scales should include two octaves for trumpets if possible, and at least two for violins (three when possible). GuitarrĂ³n will play one octave and Arpa as many as possible. Armonia (guitars and vihuelas) must prepare all the sequence of chords presented in a harmonic progression to accompany the scales (please email me at oswaldoa.zapata@tamiu.edu to get a copy of the required harmonic progression).

-Selected Piece: You will be asked to play one or two sections of the selected piece (please email me at oswaldoa.zapata@tamiu.edu to get a copy of the required piece this semester).

-Piece of your choice: Prepare an eight to sixteen measure long excerpt that best demonstrates your musical ability and mariachi style (sones, rancheras, huapangos, joropos and boleros rancheros are accepted).

-Sight reading might also be asked.

Questions? Email me at oswaldoa.zapata@tamiu.edu.