Analee Paz

Analee Paz

Assistant Professor
PLG 203I



courses: Introduction to Computers and Art, Illustration and Electronic Imaging

Analee G. Paz is a communication designer and educator based on the border between the United States and Mexico. Her upbringing and environment informs her communication design research which targets knowledge and cultural identity empowerment. Her production work focuses on cultural design, education, branding, typography, and editorial publishing. Her work has been featured in publications such as Communication Arts, Graphic Design USA, and Graphis Inc. She holds a BA in Graphic Design and a BA in Communication (Media Arts, Public Relations, and Advertising) from St. Edward’s University. She also received an MFA in Communication Design from Texas State University where she began her teaching career. She recently joined the faculty of Texas A&M International University in the Department of Communications and the Department of Fine Performing Arts as an Assistant Professor.