Administrative Guidelines for Use of TAMIU-KLRN Studio


The TAMIU-KLRN Studio is a relatively new addition to the TAMIU campus.

It enables expanded learning opportunities for the University’s Communication program, an opportunity to work collaboratively with KLRN Public Television of South Texas and a previously unavailable uplink capacity to provide Laredo content to other media outlets on demand.  It is located on the second floor of Dr. F. M. Canseco Hall and provides full studio, field production and multi-camera TV production capability.  Editing bays, control room, soundboard, switcher and a sound room are included.


Primary Use

As part of the University’s Communication program, housed in the College of Arts and Sciences, the primary use for the TAMIU-KLRN Studio is to support the Communication program and student learning in general.


Additional Uses

The TAMIU-KLRN Studio can provide limited access to other University community members, including University faculty and staff, on an approved and scheduled basis to support initiatives that can strategically advance the University’s mission and scope, advance research or enhance University outreach or collaborations.



As the TAMIU-KLRN Studio primary use is reserved for students, initiatives by other community members will be considered and reviewed by the TAMIU-KLRN Studio Committee, comprised of members of the University’s faculty and administration and appointed by the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences.



University community members (faculty and staff) should provide a written program proposal for studio use for review by the Committee at least one month in advance of the planned initiative. The proposal should provide a brief initiative description and rationale, target audience description for the proposed initiative, likely studio equipment and duration of use, principal personnel involved, final, edited length/time and planned use and distribution of the final product. 

Proposal must include the name of the producer/principal investigator for the production. The names of crewmembers, additional personnel and talent are also required.  It will be the responsibility of the producer to budget and ensure compensation is provided for all additional expenses (crew, equipment, props, translation and subtitling) for the production requested. Please provide a script with your request for use of the studio.

The proposal should also provide a statement that links the initiative to the University’s Strategic Plan, Mission or Scope and indicates how it supports community outreach or research, if applicable. If necessary, the Committee will meet with proposal authors to ascertain additional needed information.  Proposal authors are cautioned that as limited studio time and space is available for allocation, no proposal can be assumed to be supported as presented and may be subject to revision or rejection as submitted.  The Committee’s final recommendation will be shared with those submitting, the College Dean, University Provost and University President.


Additional Services: Short-Form Videos

The TAMIU KLRN Studio can provide occasional strategic video production efforts in support of official University initiatives and programs.  Services are limited to short form-videos produced in house and on-campus.  In order to provide adequate production time, your request must be made one month in advance of your planned use or launch date.

The TAMIU KLRN Studio is limited to the production of approved projects ranging from a minimum of :30 seconds in length to a maximum of  5 minutes. Completion of this Request Form will enable the TAMIU KLRN Studio team to better evaluate your needs. Upon completion, you will be contacted to schedule a follow-up phone call or meeting.

Short-Form Video Request Form



Program proposals, as outlined above, should be submitted electronically to tvstudio@tamiu.edu. Program Proposals for Studio use must be submitted one month in advance prior to the date of planned use. Consult the approved Academic Calendar for specific applicable semester end/start dates.