Note: Unless otherwise indicated, advisors are assigned depending on the first letter of a student's last name.

Graduate and Undergraduate Advisors for Communication

Advisor Room
Student Last Name
Phone  E-mail
Dr. Arthur Soto-Vasquez   PLG 203H
(956) 326-2614 arthur.soto-vasquez@tamiu.edu
  Ms. Analee Paz PLG 203I
(956) 326-3116 analee.paz@tamiu.edu
Dr. Ju Oak Kim  PLG 313E
H-K & Q
(956) 326-3095 juoak.kim@tamiu.edu
Ms. Marcela Moran  PLG 313G
L-O & P
(956) 326-3047 amoran@tamiu.edu
Mr. Thomas R. Brown PLG 203I
R-T & W-Z
(956) 326-2472 thomas.brown@tamiu.edu
Dr. Ariadne A. Gonzalez PLG 313D
All BAAS & MA in Communication Students
(956) 326-3036 ariadnea.gonzalez@tamiu.edu


Graduate and Undergraduate Advisors for Psychology

Advisor Room
Student Last Name
Phone E-mail
Dr. Ediza Garcia PLG 313L
All MACP Students
(956) 326-3096 ediza.garcia@tamiu.edu
Dr. Anna Cieslicka  PLG 332F
A-C & All MS in Psych Students
(956) 326-3036 anna.cieslicka@tamiu.edu
Dr. Gilberto Salinas   PLG 313H
(956) 326-3047 gsalinas@tamiu.edu
Dr. Angelique Blackburn CNS 313M 
(956) 326-2666 angelique.blackburn@tamiu.edu
Dr. Monica Munoz  PLG 313C
(956) 326-2614 mmunoz@tamiu.edu
Dr. Elizabeth Terrazas PLG 313M
(956) 326-2637 elizabeth.terrazas@tamiu.edu
Dr. Roberto Heredia  CH 205B
(956) 326-2637 rheredia@tamiu.edu
Dr. Desi Vasquez PLG 313K
All MACP Students
(956) 326-3119 desi.vasquez@tamiu.edu
Dr. Hanna Lainas KLM 435A
All MACP Students
(956) 326-2436 hanna.lainas@tamiu.edu
Dr. Adriana Blasco-Rubio PLG 216A
All MACP Students
(956) 326-2618 adriana.blasco-rubio@tamiu.edu