sychology Faculty Sign an Agreement with Springer to edit the Book Series "Bilingual Mind and Brain"

Professor of Psychology Roberto Heredia and Associate Professor of Psychology Anna Cieslicka

Professor Roberto R. Heredia and Associate Professor Anna Cieslicka, members of TAMIU Psychology faculty had signed an agreement with the prestigious Publishing House Springer to act as editors of a Book Series called "Bilingual Mind and Brain." As editors, both TAMIU professors will be in charge of inviting potential authors from all over the United States and other countries to write books or chapters related to the series topics. Springer is a very well-known publisher in Experimental and Cognitive Psychology and is widely respected by scholars working on bilingualism. Becoming editors of book series is a highly respected position reserved for well-known senior researchers in a field. For doctors Heredia and Cieslicka it is a deserved recognition of their productivity and quality as scholars doing cutting edge research on the topic of bilingualism from a psychological and linguistic perspective. Both scholars have recently published the book "Bilingual Figurative Language Processing" in Cambridge University Press.