Canadian Psychology professor visits TAMIU students and faculty 

Dr. Katz

The Department of Psychology and Communication invited professor Albert Katz from University Western Ontario, Canada, for a research roundtable with Psychology faculty, a departmental presentation and a couple of classes for Graduate and Undergraduate Psychology students.
Dr. Katz visited TAMIU from Oct. 3-7. During this week he gave a presentation to the Graduate Research Methods Class, and another to undergraduate students called “Pragmatics and Metaphor”. Dr. Katz also presented “On communication between males and females” to the Psychology faculty.
Dr. Anna Cieslicka, Director of the Master of Science in Psychology and Dr. Roberto Heredia invited Dr. Katz to speak about his research to students and faculty.
Dr. Heredia said he was invited to talk about the work he does on communication between males and females and on figurative speech.
“He is a very well-known psycholinguist, and he is known for his research in figurative language and a very dear colleague,” Heredia said.
When asked about the benefits visiting professors have on students, Dr. Heredia said it was important to hear different perspectives.
“They bring new ideas, new ways to see the world, new ways to do research,” he said. “They are potential collaborators that bring a different research perspective.”
Dr. Katz is a member of the American Psychological Association, the Canadian Psychological Association, the Cognitive Science Society, the Society of Academic Freedom and Scholarship, among others. He is a professor and the Chair of the Department of Psychology in the University of Western Ontario. His research expertise includes processing of figurative language, memory, and individual differences in cognition.